Thiel SCS2 or MCS1?

I just purchased a pair of MCS1's that will be used as L/R in a combined stereo/HT. I have the opportunity to buy an SCS2 for center use (the tweeter is being replaced right now. The owners used it with the MCS1's). Has anyone heard this combination or the can comment regarding the SCS2? The other option is to wait for a while and get a MCS1 for center use (but that might be a year down the road... we just bought a new house, so I can't go crazy with spending money)
Thiel owner here-- get the matching speakers for the center. The other sounds good-your combo will sound great
Thanks Vernneal. That's exactly the answer I was afraid I would get... as you know, the MCS1's don't come up too often used and finding one in black will be difficult... guess the hunt for the matching MCS1's starts now...
You should also consider the SCS4 against the MCS1. I think th the SCS4 tweeter is the same as the top of the line CS3.7. I have a pair of the SCS4's and they are very nice speakers.
Former Thiel owner here, and use to sell the product.
If you're gunna stay with the MCS1's, yes, ,get the matching for center, or stay with stereo 2.1 channel for now.
Also, do your system a major major favor however, and cross those MCS1's at 80hz to a sub. You'll get maximum dynamics, and clarity, and you won't blow the high frequency drivers!
If you set these up well, and feed em good power and electronics, they'll reward you with very clear, detailed, sound with pretty descent sound stage and dynamics. Good audiophile grade sound quality with a cohesive soundstge that will delight your senses. Nice enough gear...