Thiel Powerpoints for front speakers?

Has anyone tried Thiel Powerpoints for front speakers? What did you think?

Any input would be most appreciated.
I am using Thiel Powerpoints as the side speakers in my surrouund setup. I spoke to my Thiel dealer (Nicholson's Hi Fi in Nashville) because I originally planned to do just what you are doing. They advised strongly against it as the sound would likely come out very thin.

In my experience with the Powerpoints, I'd have to say they were right. The Powerpoints do a good job as surround speakers, but they weren't really designed to do front lr duty.
I would agree with kinsekd. I have the powerpoints as center and surrounds (4 of them) and totem mani 2's as the lr front. I also use a thiel sub. this works very well for ht and stereo, but the powerpoints alone would be thin for music. I do think for a pure ht setup they would be fine, especially with the thiel sub. good luck.
Thanks for the info.

Kinsekd, what are you using for left/right?

Emster, I never really thought about using the powerpoint as a center with more traditional speakers for left/right. Could you tell me how satisfied you are with that setup?

I recently purchased the Thiel Powerpoints for use as side and rear surround speakers in a seven channel system. Out of curiousity, I hooked one up for use as a center channel, in place of a B&W Matrix HTM. Although very clean and natural sounding, the Powerpoint is a bit lean, with little output below what I would guess around 80Hz. They may do okay with dialogue, but as previously noted in the discussion forum, would be lacking for music reproduction without the support of a subwoofer. Otherwise a remarkable speaker.
Do you have room for, say three SCS3's for L/C/R? The SCS3 is often overlooked for L/R use, but I find it to be an inscredibly impressive speaker for its size/price. Three of them across the front with Powerpoints for surrounds would make for one heck of a system. The SCS3 has remarkable low end excursion, too (46Hz-22kHz)). But, of course, a qualtiy subwoofer would make for a good addition.
My system is 7 Thiel Powerpoints combined with dual Velodyne DD-15's. Five of the Powerpoints are ceiling mounted, two are positioned facing up my back wall.
Pre/Pro is an Anthem Statement D1, amplifiers are two Rotel RMB-1075's (with the extra channels feeding Niles rock speakers on an adjacent outdoor patio/garden).

My video is one of the last still breathing "bleeding edge" Toshiba LCoS 57HLX82 sets (now over 2 years old) that Toshiba hasn't had to buy back.

I collect music videos so I like to watch/listen to music more than just listen to music. The DD-15's are incredible subwoofers and they provide perfectly controlled low end in a 9,000+ cu ft space.

I am very satisfied with my 7.2 Powerpoint/DD-15's set-up.

I'm no purest, but my last music system was a pair of heavily modified classic Dahlquist DQ-10's powered with Conrad Johnson tube preamp and a Hafler DH-500 amp.

Nearly all of my present audio gear was purchased via Audiogon.
Cargen, that is the real thiel you got there. I agree about the scs 3's, although I have the older scs's as
center and as rear surrounds on a 5.1 system, with thiel 2.2's as mains;I have a velodyne ULD-II sub and a Rotel 1095 amp. I'm romancing various replacements for the Yamaha DSP A-1 being used as a pre-pro. The scs's might be a bit directional used as rears, so maybe the powerpoints would be a better match. I guess as soon as I settle on a processor (the Rotel 1068 makes sense) I may check them out..Like you, I've bought a lot of my stuff used and on Audiogon