Thiel owners, do you use a center channel for HT?

I have a new pair of Thiel CS2.4's. I was originally intending on the 5.1 home theater experience but am now pondering whether I should forego this for a dedicated 2 channel. The money aspect aside, do any of you with Thiels prefer a Thiel center and/or surrounds as compared to just the LR mains and a phantom center channel? One thing to note, I was also planning on multi-channel DVD-A and SACD, this ultimately won't affect my decision but I would like to explore it if the 5.1 is worthwhile.
I own the 2.3's and utilize a center channel although not a Thiel speaker. My mains are not located close enough to the TV. I wanted the voices to be cleary on the screen. HT is not nearly as important as 2 ch stereo is to me and I am not planning to multichannel sacd when I convert.If I was a big HT fan or mulitchannel fan , I would with out a doubt match the center to the mains.
I think you have to decide how much you really want the home theater and/or multichannel sound experience. Obviously, quality two channel sound is important to you as you've recently bought good mains. However, there are a only a limited, albeit growing, number of multichannel audio titles. You must also look at your room and decide if you have space to place the extra speaker. The Thiels throw a wide soundstage, and if you have a small room, you could probably do without. However, if room and money are not the issue, then why not have the extra speaker? if money is an issue, Thiel's SCS, SCS2 bookshelf speakers can be had relatively inexpensively if purchased on this site. Happy listening with your new speakers, whatever you decide.
The Thiel MCS1 definitely sounds GREAT with the CS2.4s. Some of the most coherent L/C/R sound I've heard in my system/room, CS2.4s and MCS1 center. Surrounds are less of an issue, just use a natural sounding surround, and you'll be fine. Two channel is my main focus, but if you do HT or multi channel, you'll appreciate the MCS1 with your CS2.4s. Tom.
Thanks for the response fellas. I am indeed considering the MCS1 for my center. As an aside, what associated gear do you guys use? I currently have a Rotel RSX-1055 integrated pre/pro. I intend to upgrade that to a Bryston SP1.7 and either Bryston or Rotel amps (depending on cash availability). I am currently using a low end Sony DVD player as source. I am considering either a Sony 999ES, Marantz DV-8400 or Ah!Njoe Tjoeb as my next source. If I go with the Sony I will have it modded by Modwright with the full package and tube output. Room acoustics are a bit of a mess, I have a very odd shaped room with a lot going on as far as reflection...its going to take some doing to get it to sound its best. The bugger is we rent right now so I expect that as soon as I get it dialed in we will end up moving :)
I own a pair of CS3.6's, and I picked up an SCS3 to use as a center. I am very, very happy with this match-up. I am sure that the MCS1 would sound nice, too, but it is simply too large to use for my system. The SCS3, however, has greatly exceeded my expectations. It has a very big sound for a small speaker. Look at the specs on it. It actually goes lower than the MCS1 (or the CS1.6), although it is not as efficient. I was considering a non-Thiel center channel speaker (and was leaning towards NHT), but after A/B-ing the NHT to the SCS3, there was absolutely no comparision. I think that if you stay within the Thiel range, you should be good.

As for 2-channel versus HT, for music, I have not heard any recordings in 5.1 (DVDs and DVD-A, I don't have SACD, yet) that image as well as the 3.6's on their own. As you know, soundstage and imaging are very good with the Thiels, and at least in my system (, for music, 2-channel can't be beat. That said, I totally agree that for video, you need to have a speaker in close proximity to the screen to keep your vocals centered.

Hope this helps, Tom.

I just checked out your system. How do you like the Rotel in that mix? I have a Rotel RSX-1055 integrated. I am thinking of a serious upgrade to Bryston but am still considering Rotel separates for cost efficiency.
I have been very happy with the Rotel, although I must preface that by saying that it is my first venture into the world of (multi-channel) HT. When I came across a deal on the Thiels (and two of the Adcoms), I decided to make the HT plunge. My initial thoughts were to get either an Adcom or a Sunfire pre/pro. However, when I went to Progressive Audio in Columbus, Ohio (my favorite dealer), they steered me towards the Rotel. They claim that it is a good bit better than the comparable Sunfire or Adcom pre/pros, and that the only unit that they would recommend above the RSP-1066 is the Krell Showcase. Well, I wasn't in a position to pony up for a Krell, but I did get a chance to A/B the two, and while I agree that the Showcase is more musical, the Rotel impressed me, especially considering the price differential.

I don't read a lot of rave reviews about the RSP-1066 on Audiogon, but I have read several other reviews (conviently linked to the Rotel website ;^)) which really talked it up. I find it to match well with my system, and aside from not having video switching capabilities (it won't let you plug in a component or S-video source and then send a composite signal to the TV), it is very easy to use and sounds great in 2-channel. The remote is a bit cumbersome, though. I did especially like the fact that it is software upgradeable.

For cost efficiency in a new product, I found the RSP-1066 hard to beat. For amps, while the Rotels are quite good, if you are not concerned about product matching, I think there is some worthy competition in the Rotel's price range. I am a separates kind of guy, myself, so I would encourage you to consider that route.

Hope this helps, Tom.
I can't help but wonder if your money might be better spent on better power for your existing Thiels than on more Thiels.