Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

Here's a couple pics of my weekend mounting Mundorf binding post on my CS 3.7s.

I can tell you this upgrade is really worth it if anyone wants to try.




what is the cost of Mundorf binding posts?


Happy Listening!

@jafant Retail for 2 sets is $190, got mine for $80 from my friend who installed them.

He might also help me redo the crossovers with top notch Mundorf caps at some point.

@vair68robert Thanks yes it's a beautiful dark Amberwood finish.

My previous 3.7s were not as dark, i much prefer this darker Amberwood.