Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

@oblgny, I'm a bit surprised that you seemed to prefer the Thiel treble to the Maggie treble. The Thiel's have gotten some criticism for their treble response, where as the Maggies quasi-ribbon has recieved some cirtical acclaim. I think the Thiel's criticisim has been a bit unfair, as many of the competitiors roll off theirs, where as the Thiel's more accurately offer what it's presented with. I think most of the problem is with the recording techniques. Often times we see photographs of recordings with microphones directly above the violins or inserted into the lid of the piano. With that said, I might have a slight preference for the Maggies in that regard. But..., prefer the gestalt of the Thiel's.

I think you meant to post that you'd like to audition the Maggie {sic} sub.

@unsound. Oops, damn typos. Yes, I meant I will see if I can find a local dealer with the new Maggie sub. Unfortunately, my very local shop, Audio Den, is no longer carrying Magnepan, so I’ll probably have to make a trip into Manhattan. 

Re: your statement about my preferring the Thiel over the MMG treble wise. The Thiel was definitely “brighter” to my ears, but by no means was that a slight against the Maggies. 

I have to agree with your observation on recordings - everything matters in the final cut. As I was awaiting for the Aurender to complete downloading almost 1 TB of my music files, I more or less binged on Ani DiFranco on my Mac desktop. (I have my files on a portable SSD drive)  I’ll have to dive into who produced/engineered these albums because they sound excellent. I really dig DiFranco as a musician. 




Always good to see you here again my NY Brother.  Thank You for posting your correspondence with Tom. I, for one, am looking forward in reading about your next system. Life is too short. A fellow fan of Ani as well.


Happy Listening!

Well, I got the 2.4s, it was a whole day a driving to get them. Hooked them up and one speaker had one tweeter/mid unit not functioning.  I auditioned these in a odd shaped untreated room, so It wasn't obvious to me one driver was broken.  Kind of disappointing, but my fault for not being more careful; I did pay $1k so even considering having to repair them I still think am happy with them, the low price should have been an indicator something was fishy. I already contacted Rob Gillum and will be having the broken driver sorted, his quote for the rebuild of the driver seemed really fair and he got back to me immediately. I will be testing with a multimeter and hopefully its just the driver.  The speakers cabinets are in pretty good shape, probably would rate the cabinets at 8/10.  Based on a short audition, I noticed a few things. The amp was BAT vk-300x integrated and sounded very under-powered. The 2.4 sounded exactly like my 1.6 when they under powered.  The overall sound was kind of hollow.  The bass was there but there was no weight to it.  The soundstage is there but not locked in solid. Not a good amp for the 2.4.  Listening at home, with Coda amplifier these 2.4 speakers totally sang!!! They are so much more full and weighty compared to the 1.6, even with one tweeter not working the sound stage was huge and the treble was even smoother than the 1.6, maybe not quite as sweet but there was just more information coming through that sounded purer.  I will update when everything is working fully, but I am already really loving these speakers.  I really wish Thiel was still in buisness, they made some very special products.