Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

Thank You for the follow up. What gear including cabling did you build around the CS6 ?

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A Very cool selection(s) of Thiel loudspeakers and the various gear driving those systems!
I must say that if I owned a large enough home, I would have a second system featuring a different pair of Thiel speakers for comparison.

Happy Listening!
Question: Thiel SI-1 Smartsub Integrator
Does anyone repair these? I talked with Rob about this. He doesn't and said there were problems with the unit and it had eventually been withdrawn. Does this then leave the passive crossover as the only recourse for Thiel smartsubs?  Thanks for any/all replies.
@jafant  I would also be very tempted to have a second pair of older Thiels like the CS6s or CS7.2s but if going that route you really need to get the right amp in the first place to drive these bad boys otherwise it's not worth getting a second pair of Thiels.The 7.2s would worth getting but very difficult to find a pair, there is a pair of CS6 on audiogon.
Jafant,  I use 12awg solid core Irrigation wire.