Thiel Owners


I just scored a sweet pair of CS 2.4SE loudspeakers. Anyone else currently or previously owned this model?
Owners of the CS 2.4 or CS 2.7 are free to chime in as well. Thiel are excellent w/ both tubed or solid-state gear!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Latest update:
  2.4’s, Proceed CDP driving a NEW Psaudio 250.
  The Psaudio now over 100 hours is settling in. What a great amp!
  The Thiels have disappeared. Such detailed and layered imaging. Gotta say I really can appreaciate the linearity of the Thiels now.
   Only thing is they are a little hot. Maybe it’s my eardrums as I age (63). But snare drums strikes are pretty harsh . What would the upgrade cap set do to the sound?
   I am days away from getting the Psaudio signature preamp so I got that going for me too.
thanks for you input .

It seems that you have the CS2.4?  I do not find them "hot" at all.  Actually I think they are just a touch on the warm side although they are very transparent so it could be the electronics.

My front end equipment are Ayre QB9 DSD, Pass Lab XP10, SimAudio W7 amp, Acoustic Zen Hologram II cables. 
gasman117Thank You for the update. It is good to read another PS Audio customer here. ronkent was out first endorser of this brand and loves his system's synergy. Which cables/power cords are you using currently?
Happy Listening!
I made a new recording of my CS2.4 with now also the Jantzen wax coils mounted.
The recording is made twice, 1 time with the Thiel's connected to earth and 1 time without the earth connection, the recording is mixed so that every 30sec is switched between the two recordings, you can also see that in the picture if there is or not a ground wire to be seen next to the speakers.

I do not hear a difference myself, but it could be that the speakers first have to play a week without the earth wire to hear a difference, who knows ........

Direct link for download
@jafant and @tomthiel: So this morning I went to home depot and bought a little lazer measuring device and realized I got the eyeballed measurements all wrong. The distance between the speakers is 8’11". The distance from each speaker to my seating position is 12’9". The speakers were previously -- when you heard them jafant -- about 7’ apart. The new speaker cables allow the approx 9’ distance. So the CORRECT MEASUREMENTS explain alot. The room is irregularly shaped (which may also explain alot): thus, the distance from the right speaker to the side wall is only 2’ and the distance of the left speaker to the side wall is 4’5". The distance to the rear wall in both cases is 4'10".  Previously in the narrower spacing I had the speakers facing forward; in the current wider spacing I have them toed in. As I’ve said even toed in I don’t experience them as "bright" although I know some folks do and elect to eliminate toe-in. I’ve attached another photo which shows you a little more about the irregularly shaped room, the disparate distances between each speaker and the side walls. Note that farther into the room, the room narrows a bit to the area of the seating position. As I explained in my earlier post I’m somewhat stuck with seating position although I have a little window within which to adjust the speaker positions. The Powerpoints have been in use as the right and left channels of a video projection system with a screen that comes down from the ceiling (you’ll also if you look carefully see an SCS3 center channel there near the ground level ). Here’s the additional photo.