Thiel Model 2

Have any of you ever owned, or heard, the Thiel Model 2 speaker (not the CS2)? If so, how did you think they sounded, and how demanding were they of the amplifier used with them?

This was one of the earliest models Thiel produced, back around 1976, prior to his designing phase aligned speakers. It was a ported bookshelf speaker, roughly 19"H x 11"W x 9.5"D, with a 6.5" driver and a 1" cloth dome tweeter.

Later Thiels appear to have a reputation for being excellent speakers but being difficult to drive, because they have unusual impedance curves and make heavy demands on amplifiers. Does anybody know whether this was also true of the early Model 2s?
Sorry, can't help you with the Thiel 2's. FWIW, the Theil 1's and 3's were fairly easy amplifier loads. I'd suggest contacting the nice people at Thiel:

The earlier Thiel CS series weren't that difficult on amplifiers either. They stayed above 4 Ohms. Even the bass EQ'd 3.5's offset the demands of the EQ by gradualy pushing the impedance up where the bass EQ's kicked in.

I sold many pairs of the original 02 Model THIEL back in 1983/84, and was frankly dismayed when they elected to stop manufacturing them. At $350. for the pair, they were really, really good.
Jim Thiel told me that they were going to only offer the CS (coherent source) speakers from that point on. It was a business decision too, as we all have to realize I suppose that, taking someone out of the market with a $350. purchase may not have been wise. Also, they were looking to establish the kind of élan that lesser priced, non time aligned speakers and not 1st order crossover speakers would present to the marketplace.
At the time I was distressed, but now understand their thinking.

They were good speakers, and an amazing bargain...very flat with more than acceptable bass for a small cabinet.
They were efficient, (88db??) and an easy load to drive--they did NOT dip low in impedence as most of Jim's later designs.

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hI larry. I know this is an old post but i was wondering if you remember who manufactured the mid/base drivers for these originally.  One of them is bad and I would like a suitable replacement for these great old guys

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I frankly do not.
THIEL's new owners should be able to reference this for you, though.
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Hi. I found out that the drivers are all audax. Hope this helps anyone who was wondering. Thanks

BTW my model 02 say made in Canada. I don't know who made them for thiel but they are identical in every way to the ones made in the usa right down to stickers and the black walnut finish. Curious   I tried to post a photo but dont seem to be able to. If anyone would like I can forward pics
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Made in Canada is a good thing .