Thiel is offically going...going...gone. Auction Time

So sad to hear about this.  I was a Thiel dealer and really admired Jim and his staff.  Was hoping when Jim passed that the company could stay afloat.

Lot and lots of speakers and tons of other things.

R.I.P. Thiel...
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Bummer / Thanks for the link mofi


But boy some people are going to get some killer liquidation sale prices on what were apparently excellent speakers with great engineering.

Check out the Stereophile measurements of the T1 towers!
For those with an eye on a cable bargain lot #0249 includes a long run of Nordost SPM speaker plus XLO signature XLR in what looks like a long run too and some other cables, easily four figures worth of cable currently at $136 ... looks like what was the high end in the mid 1980s
with 20 more days to go, some of the prices on some lots will spin out of control.
Not the real Thiel speakers. This non Jim Thiel design fell flat as a pancake. Also lots of Aurora streamers available. An OEM made in China that they pasted a Thiel logo on and charged a premium price. Their marketing was all screwed up. In the end they were trying to hit the female audio crowd. Whatever that is. If you want a positive way of changing ownership look at Conrad Johnson.
Another one bites the dust. Very sad!
The attempt to sell ridiculous products to the female market was precious.  I'd bet that the Mark Mason designed products are great, though.  They had no reason to exist because there are already a bunch of companies making similar speakers.  At the list prices they weren't competitive but I bet they'll be spectacular at what they're likely to be auctioned off for.  I have way too many speakers and I'm still tempted to buy some.  I've been following audio closely for around 25 years and this is the best opportunity I've ever seen.  I haven't seen comparable discounts since Best Buy dropped Vienna Acoustics and all the floor models got blown out for ridiculous prices.  I got a pair of Mozart Grands for $490.  Not bad for a 3k pair of speakers.  

I think it's worth noting that the last ceo is now a mortgage originator.

maybe she can partner up with rondi d'agostino from krell who is a real estate agent.
sad indeed
Jim and the company he built was special, downhill after his passing...

I willing to bet there was not one Thiel owner that sold his speakers for the Mark Mason models.
Still enjoying my 3.6s.  This used to be a great company.  Sold and unsuccessfully tried to milk its name.  Too bad.
If you want a positive way of changing ownership look at Conrad Johnson.

Agreed. They seem to be selling stuff actually worthy of the name.

The last "real" Thiel speakers were mighty impressive but that was a number of years ago now. Oh well.
Thiel was gone long ago.  The company that existed after Jim's death had nothing in common with the real Thiel except for the name.  Now that was sad.  This liquidation is not surprising at all considering how they completely screwed up the brand.
This guy is a trip.  He sums up what happened after Jim died pretty well.
That was a very on target video ketchup
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saw this, I guess you need to be really careful about the speakers other than the blue tooth ones.
Feel free to join us over on the Thiel Owners thread. Many 3.6 owners are present and counted. Happy Listening!
Thanks for the invite.  I have been reading it.