Thiel CS7.2 vs Aerial 20T

Has anyone ever compared these two speaker systems? If so, any opinions are welcome.
I just bought a pair of 20t's and they are awesome. The highs through the ribbon tweater are so real and natural sounding, they make everything else I've ever heard seem fake. And lows are lower than low and extremely full. I recently compared them to Avalons and B&W (my old speakers). I did not try the Thiels because everyone I spoke too recommended they need a lot more power than my Ayre V-1xe's at 200 wpc could give them. Good luck in your search.
I suspect that pointing out obvious differences between these two speakers will result in upsetting either Aerial 20T owners or Thiel owners.... These are both excellent choices and you should be very happy with either.

You mentioned "And lows are lower than low and extremely full". How low was it? Around 25hz low or lower? Do you need Aerial's subwoofer?

I currently have a pair of 7.2 and they produce deep bass very nicely, around 25 hz. I also know ribbon tweeter is very pure and quick. I used to have Alon with Raven ribbon tweeter, but it got blown very easily.

I'm still breaking the 20t's in in my system (I bought them used so they are "broken in") as I've only had them for about 5 days now but I am totally amazed! They are incredible and I've already told my wife that under no circumstances am I giving these up. I have been running through my favorite CD's and I have yet to find one that did not give up previously undiscovered secrets. The highs are so incredibly real. The timber is so true, and the fullness and resolution gives me goosebumps.

I took this hobby up because the emotion in recorded music can be so moving in the right system (for the first time I include my own in this category). In some instances one can "see" the artist and hear what they were thinking and feeling when they play it. I've read reviews that say "beware of poor recordings because these speakers will accentuate it", but even my "poor" recordings sound so real I can stop playing them.

I haven't explored any measurements yet. Frankly I put more emphasis on what I hear but but Aerial's specs say they go below 40 khz. I cannot foresee a circumstance where one would need to add a sub to these speakers. The lows are incredible but never low just for the sake of low. While I must admit deep bass is not what drives my boat, the dynamic bass of these speakers adds a fullness to sounds I would have never thought needed bass to sound their best.

I hate to gush but of everything I've heard these are as close to perfect as I have ever experienced. Of the speakers I have heard in person only the Avalon Isis and top of the line Wilsons are in the same class. If you are near or want to travel to Denver I'de be happy to have you over.

BTW my Aerial 20t's are only series 1. There is a more recent version that is also available new or in an upgrade to the series 1, but at this point I'm wondering how much better they could get.

When I had the 20T in my house they were flat to 21hz and I mean flat. The 20t are the real deal and they should never be compared to the 7.2, not even close. I think the 20T are the best speaker under $50,000 followed by the Watt Puppy 7.
I have no personal experience with Thiel, only Aerial, but what I can say is that after having upgraded speakers about every 6-8 months (!) I have now lived with Aerial 20T in 18 months. New record!! That is something, isn't it? And I have now plans of replacing them. In my opinion they better all Wilson speakers which also are mentioned here, including the larger ones if you pair the 20Ts with some good subs for ultimate bottom end, depending on your room characteristics, of course.
The Aerial 20T is just amazing. As someone with somewhat of biased opinion (dealer). I find myself wavering back-and-forth between the Dynaudio C4 and the Aerial 20T. I love both for different reasons, but don't ask me to choose. I could live with the 20T for life if I had to.

Not a big fan of Thiel.........Certainly, a good product, though.
I think both are very good speakers. I prefer the Thiels. Until Thiel upgrades the 7.2, I dont see any speaker changes in my future. IMO, both are above the Wilsons I have heard.
The Aerial 20T Series II is incrediable. Thiel really isn't in that league.
Do you think the 20Ts could work nearfield (7-feet).
Could they work wherever 10Ts did and perform well
w/o overwhelming you?