Thiel CS7.2 upgrade kit--any interest in buying?

In September, 1999 my dad purchased a Thiel CS7.2 Upgrade Kit with the intent of upgrading his CS7.2 speakers. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with leukemia in March, 2000 and passed away before he had a chance to upgrade his speakers. I have the two boxes--brand new and never unpacked--and I am wondering if there is anyone out there interested in purchasing the kit or suggesting where I should go to try and sell it.

Thanks !
I actually have original 7.2's in exceptional condition but I'd be interested in having the extra parts just in case something were to fail. Like I said the ones I have are fine so I'd be getting this more as an 'insurance policy'. I really have no idea what the value would be but I could do $200 + I could email you UPS shipping labels that you could just put on the boxes and bring to a UPS store to ship at my expense. If interested let me know. I could Paypal you or send a check. Thankss. Steve (732)598-8346.
I suggest you sell it here in Audiogon. I guess you meant your dad wanted to upgrade his CS7 speakers to CS7.2. I believe there are CS7 owners out there who want to upgrade.
Thanks !! That is correct about my dad upgrading his CS7 speakers. Not being an audiophile I will have to figure out what to write and what they are worth. Any help out there with this?
This is definitely the best website (IMHO) to sell something as specific and audio-centric as that. This is where potential buyers will be, but you have to list them in the usual for sale ads section. I don't know anything about these speaker upgrade kits so you'll have figure out pricing and other specifics. Perhaps you can try and contact Theil directly.
Here is a link to a relatively recent Audiogon ad for the sale of a Thiel CS7.2 Upgrade kit.

Hope this is helpful. If the link fails to work, just do the following google search with quotation marks and spacing: "cs 7.2 upgrade"