Thiel CS7

I'm interesting in a pair of thiel cs7, before i make a move, i would like to know how is the sound? Please advise.
If you have the amps, go for it. I have always loved the earlier Thiel sound. I have an old pair of 2.3's I still hook up ever now and again. The separation of notes and space is excellent. If you listen to small jazz quartets, string music you will be in great company with the Thiels. I went from the 2.3's to the Max 2's. That says something about the Thiels.

Have the associated equipment though or they will be way too bright.......
The CS7 and the CS7.2's represent some of the best used speaker buys in all of high end. The current prices are incredibly low given what this line can do. The only drawback is that you will need loads of power to fully appreciate them. When the 7.2's debuted, a Stereophile or TAS reviewer (I can't remember which) called them one of the three best speakers available in the world. They are amazing, but to truly hear their majesty, you need a minimum of 400 wpc and a good tube preamp. While very musical, the Thiel 7 family are incredibly revealing and unforgiving when it comes to front end gear. Even though I own the Thiel CS3.7's, the 7.2's can still impress me.

BTW, I happen to know someone who has a pair he might be willing to part with as well as a pair of Thiel 5i's, which are even cheaper and very nearly as good. I can send you his email if you're interested.