Thiel CS6 / Dali MS4

Any comments on how these two compare. I currently own the Thiels but I have heard alot of good things about this model from Dali.

Thanks in advance for your comments!
I heard the Dali MS4s in a poor dealer showroom in NYC. I also heard the 5s in a reviewers home. I did not care at all for the 4s and the 5s were much much better. The 5s work well on vocals, jazz, type of music and do not relaly rock and roll that well. I would prefer the CS6s over the 4s.

Just my 2 cents, Happy Listening.
tryout at home is very important for these speakers. I have thiels and dalis and like them both, but ...
the thiels are much more complicated to drive imho. If you do not have the exact required amplification, the dalis are much easier. I also think that dali is an easier presentation to listen to. However, thiel is very accurate, and in the right room with the right eq, can really sing. Unfortunately, I needed the forgiveness of the dali.
Haven't heard the Thiels but I listened to the Dali MS4--this is definitely a smooth, forgiving speaker. Not my cup of tea, since I prefer a more transparent and dynamic sound.
I have worked with several people refining systems with Thiel speakers. When I see someone looking at new speakers it is because they are looking for something that doesn't seem to be in their system currently. The system needs to be refined to put the Thiels in a better performance range first or it is unlikely that a speaker change will get you what you are looking for. The first improvement comes from dead neutral wire which smooths a system out to a huge degree while revealing even more detail and ambiance, the tonal balance improves and takes on a better bass to mid to treble perspective as well. The two best for this are the most affordable as they outperform the likes of Valhalla and other flagship high end cable, they are Audience Au24 and JPS Labs SuperConductor 2. After that a Belles amp adds another degree of smoothness and involving musicality, they are the better than most insanely priced amps. For less than a speaker change these upgrades will give you far better improvements, and then you are ready to really compare speakers, although at this point you may be a very happy camper. The tendency will be to not believe cheaper cable could possibly outperform what you have if you spent major money, trust me here, the amount spent doesn't mean diddly. The cable can be tried with a money back guarantee so there is no loss if it doesn't work. Same with the amp. Touch bases and let me know what you are currently using and I'll point out your weak links that will make real differences.
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