Thiel CS6 Concrete front baffle

Thiel replaced the concrete baffle at some point with another material. Do you know if there was any difference in the sound peformance, between the two versions?
You might be thinking about the design change of the CS7.2 vs. the older CS7. The CS7 had concrete but the newer CS7.2 uses a composite material of Mineral + Polyester. Our CS6 speakers feature the composite material as well as shown in the technical literature. btw- the technical brochure also shows a picture of the crossover circuit board. No electrolytic capacitors in this speaker- all rolled film capacitors.

You must have a pair that was made after they made the switch, because there were definitely CS6's made with the concrete baffle. The Stereophile review and Thiel literature mention it.


You may want to just call Thiel and ask. They're always helpful when I call with questions.
Hi Tony & Ketchup,

Mine has the Concrete baffle. I was just asking other Thiel owners if they had ever heard any difference. Gary at Thiel said no.