Thiel CS6

Does anyone have any suggestions for amplifiers for these speakers.
I drive my 3.6's with a conrad johnson premier350 and it does a very good job. But really any high quality high power amp will do as Thiels love power. In any case quality over quantity is best.

Krell, large Mcintosh, Ayre V-1XE
McCormack DNA-2 for me.

I power mind with a Classe 301, using a Joule tubed pre-amp. Seems to be a good match.
I'am using a pass labs x350.5 plenty of power and current.
I used to use Parasound JC-1 mono amps to drive my CS7.2 with good result. The CS 6 and 7.2 have a lot of similarities, especially the impedance.

I am now using Lamm 2.1 monos as they seem to match the 7.2's tonal balance better. But at about $4k used, the JC-1 is really good. IMO, big powerful solid amp will do it, but matching the speaker's tonal balance is the key as this varies among users' preference. I would stay away from tube amps unless you can audition it for a good period of time to test it out before buying it.
I am using VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks. They do very well. I have used Krell in the past. It had tons of bass but was a little bright for my taste. Also look in the Thiel manual there is a list of recommended amps in it.
I use a Krell 400cx with the CS6. They need current down at that critical 2.3 Ohm minimum and the Krell delivers. Great match and Jim approved when I told him what I was using with these.
Try a Butler amp. Thiel uses Butler amps to test their speakers.
I use the Pass Labs X350 too with my CS6 speakers. The dynamics are superb. It has never come up short for power.