Thiel CS5i's VS other Thiel Lines


I am a considering a purchase of a pair of used but extremely well taken care of Thiel CS5i's from a friend and audiophile on the west coast and would like to get the opinions of this group. In particular, I'd like to hear from those who have had experience with Thiel products and might be able to compare the relative merits of the Thiel 5Si's with the Thiel 7.2's, Thiel 6's and Thiel 3.6's. Any and all input from sound quality, applications, strengths/weaknesses would be greatly appreciated.

I've have heard the CS5i head to head against the 3.6's, but, not head to head with the others. The CS5i was better in every way to my ears. Mind you the CS5i seemed to be very fussy about amplification and room, not that the 3.6's are particularly easy in this regard either. Looking at the MSRP one quickly realizes that this is an apples to oranges comparison.
sono italiano e nono parlo l\inglese mi piacerebbe sapere
quando costano le thiel cs5is e in che condizioni sono
se li spedite in italia se mi comprendi manda la foto delle casse io sono Antonio
I have heard the CS5i's, and I own CS3.6's. If you have the room for them, and you have a good line on them, I would say snag the CS5i's and be happy! However, those are some huge speakers. In addition to not having a room large enough for them to fit in both aesthetically and musically, I know that my wife would never go for them. Which is a shame on all fronts, too, seeing as I had also found a killer deal on some lightly used CS5i's. Of course, I got a good deal on the 3.6's, too, and am very happy with them.

Sounds like you have a nice dilemma to find youself in!

Having heard the CS5is and owned both original CS7s and now CS6s, I can say that the 5is sound great but need an amp that will supply the much needed current to drive them properly (Krell, Levinson (not the new stuff by the way), Rowland, Pass, amps that will double output down to 2 Ohms etc). The key is this: you will need to have a room large enough to allow you to listen at least 10 to 12 feet from them to achieve proper (and by design) integration of the drivers so as to avoid lobing effects. With my 6s, I have to sit at least 10 feet from them, otherwise they don't integrate well. Also, you will need to place them at least 2 feet from the front and side walls, and more distance is better if you can swing it. What amp do you have or plan to use?
I would be interest to find out did you buy that CS5i and how do you find it?