Thiel CS3.6 and PrimaLuna

I have a pair of Thiel CS3.6 speakers and a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP Amplifier going thru a Mytek Brooklyn DAC/Pre.  The sound is really good, but I know the Thiel's can do much better.  I'm curious to see if folks would recommend going to a different amp (high current SS) or moving to a different set of speakers.  Either option is viable, just curious to see what folks think.
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Yes, the 3.6 and tubes are not the best match.  The 3.6 like beefy solid state amplification.
I would suggest a Pass X250 or 350 you chose either a .5 or .8 based on budget. 

The Theil websites says they need 100-500wpc. Your Primaluna is 70-96 wpc depending on configuration.
So, you are really at the bottom of the spectrum. Adding in the 2 ohm minimum of the Theil's and you are taxing the amp. 
You could try a pair of Zero Autoformers to help with the low impedance, but a higher rated amp is probably the best way to go.
Those Theil's were one of the last of Jim's designs, so I would probably keep them. If you did want to change, I would recommend Vandersteen-both use time and phase alignment, and results in a similar sound reproduction.
For amps, you could get an old McCormack DNA-1 and have Steve upgrade it. (Buy a non working unit and save more. Steve guts the amp and installs a new board, so it doesn't need to be working). For Tube amps I would recommend Atma-Sphere.
Here is one review with Theil speakers;

Good suggestions and advice- dnanstad

keep us posted on your next move. Join us on the Thiel Owners thread. I would like to read more about your Audio journey.

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Great stuff. Keep it coming!  Other than vandersteens, any speaker suggestio to match up with the primaluna?
I own the Thiel CS 3.6 speakers and you don't want to drive them with minimal power, because they won't sing. Plus, you'll get distortion if you push it. I first went the tube route, and today would go with a quality SS amp and perhaps an equally good tube preamp. I'm in the hunt myself for a proper amp for my Thiels for a system to be set up in my basement family room. Either way you go, your amp and your speakers must be optimized for one-another. A lesson that took me too long to get right.
So I solved the quandary and sold the thiels. Now I need some new speakers or used that match up well with the Primaluna Dialogue premium hp amp.

I see now you sold the Thiels and kept the PL amp, this amp has a peaking high frequency that starts at 10k, only a 2ohm load flattens it out (green trace) a speaker that seems subdued in this area or one that has a 2ohm load in this area will be a good match to look for.

Maybe look at Martin Logans ESL’s that have active (200w) bass like the Montis, because ML’s do have a 2ohm load in the HF this will nullify the PL’s peak and the ML having an active bass means the PL won’t have to do it which will be it’s weak area. The more I think of it, this could be a match made in heaven, but not for party levels as you have limited wattage from the PL.

Cheers George

A pair of Vandersteen 1's and 2wq subs would be my choice for replacing the Theil's.
The subs should be coming down in price soon due to the introduction of the new Sub 3.
I would have sold the PL.
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jafant8,056 posts04-03-2018 10:13pmI would have sold the PL.
 Same, and kept the Thiels and got the right amp for them, as they can sound very good.

Cheers George