Thiel CS3.6 and Aragon 8008BB combo?

Not too long ago I created a thread asking what amp would best drive Thiel CS3.6's for on an extreme budget. One of the amps suggested was the Aragon 8002. Well, I am in the process of purchasing an Aragon 8008BB.

Do any of you have experience with this pairing?

Is the amp too bright for the speakers?

Will the Aragon be able to handle this tough a load?

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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The load of the speakers will certainly not be a problem for this amp. It has a very solid power supply indicated by doubling down into 4 ohms. This is a powerful amp!
You got the question wrong about the brightness, you should ask will the speakers reveal the amps shortcomings?
This is a good amp but does not have the inner detail and exibits a little hardness on the top end (don't confuse this with brightness. The amp is not bright sounding.)
The Theil's will reveal everything in the amplification chain.
I used this amp with Vandersteen's with no problems. The amp is powerful with excellent low end control. Its issues start with detail and upper mids into the highs where it is not as good as some more recent (more expensive) amps. Lacking in ultimate transparency, it still throws a good sonic picture.
On the cheap, it's an excellent choice and one you should be able to easily live with.