Thiel CS3.6 Amp

I currently own an older Bryston 4B amp driving Thiel 3.6 speakers in a room 12x25' that opens into a kitchen & dinning area. The rm has poor acoustics with a lack of bass. The bryston and thiels sounded good in a previous house with plenty of bass. I listen to allot of 2 ch music, but am planning on setting up a surround sound home theater system with an outlaw audio (990) processor and Rotel 5 ch amp (585) to drive the center and back speakers. I am looking for a velodyne DD12 sub and a thiel center speaker. I would like to upgrade the bryston amp with a used up to ~$3k amp to improve the 2 channel stereo listening. I am considering a Mcintosh mc352 or a classe amp. Any opinions or recommendations.
I just bought a Classe CA-300 for my Thiel CS6's and it sounds great (600WPC into 4 ohms). I've heard the Pass X-250 and 350 series of amps match up well with Thiels also.
To get more bass out of those 3.6s, you need to look at the preamp as well as the amp. I had lived with a pair of 3.6s for over 8 years, during that time, I was driving them mainly with ARC LS2B Mk II/ML #333. Right before I sold my Thiels, I had upgraded my preamp to an GNSC modified LS-25. That brought more some additional bass out of the Thiels. Chaging the amp to the Pass X350.5 had little more effect on the bass than switching the pre. I actually enjoyed the Thiels with the combo. But ended up deciding to move ahead with my decision to new speakers (Verity Parsifal Encores)

Also, have you tried moving the speakers closer to the backwall? Corners?

The Mac, Pass, or Classe's should work well with 200 watts. Which is best is a matter of taste, but they should all drive them well.
Thanks for the info. I am currently using a passive pre amp (electronic visionary system) with the Bryston 4B amp. I have never used a regular pre amp. I am hopeing that a Velodyne DD12 sub will help bring back the bass. Any thoughts on what a normal preamp vs the passive preamp would do to the sound? The Bryston is ~ 200W a channel. The Mcintosh MC 352 is ~ 350 W a channel. I am wondering if the Mac would drive the 3.6 speakers better with a warmer sound?
Dal)wol, I'm not familiar with the Bryston, but I would be suprised if a passive could drive typical SS amps well because of their typically lowish input impedance (the Bryston might be different) - a weakening in the bass region is typical of an impedance mismatch. Even when ideal (I've used K&K SB 102 and Bent Tap)I've always come back to an active tube preamp - more lively and dynamic. I would expect that a tube pre would work well, preferably with a lowish output impedance to drive the Bryston. A good tube preamp for driving lowish amp imepdances is the Dodd Battery Preamp, which is one of the pres I currently use after having owned the CAT, LAMM, and Joule preamps -- a great preamp for the money and being off the grid (like a passive) is a plus. Good luck.
I am using Classe Cam-350 to drive my Thiel CS6s and find it very satisfactory.Previously I had tried smaller amps that just would not warm up the Thiels now I have a great sound.