Thiel cs2.4 upgrade to cs 2.4 se

I'm currently using thiel cs2.4. Any master can advise on how to upgrade to cs2.4se by changing its capacity? May i know the value and specs of the capacitors? What is the sound difference between cs2.4 vs dc2.4se? Tq
Thank you guys, glad that I have been able to contribute something :-)
Yesterday I placed the last upgrade of this project, I am talking about the Jantzen wax coil's that took some time to arrive but finally I have them mounted on the woofer crossovers and listened for a few hours to what they do in the whole picture.

Believe me, the Wax coils are the icing on the cake!!

Equal to the coax, the upper bass / low mids in the room now places more up front and outside the speakers and the bass / low mids has more weight / push and detail, the Wax coils clearly!! show an improvement with every kind of music in the lower regions, music with low voices like for example Leonard Cohen sounds really freaking good.

I am totally happy with how the speakers are performing now, by default I was already very impressed with the CS2.4 but now they perform at a totally different level!! what I want to say more is that there is absolutely no sharpness or rawness to hear, rather the opposite!! with still the beautiful Thiel character present.
I made a new recording of my CS2.4 with now also the Jantzen wax coils mounted.
The recording is made twice, 1 time with the Thiel's connected to earth and 1 time without the earth connection, the recording is mixed so that every 30sec is switched between the two recordings, you can also see that in the picture if there is or not a ground wire to be seen next to the speakers.

I do not hear a difference myself, but it could be that the speakers first have to play a week without the earth wire to hear a difference, who knows ........

Direct link for download
Dear holco,

Your system looks neat and clean.

Well done for your upgrade. Your system sounds wonderful. I can  hear that your system is very airy and opened now. The sound stage is big and wide.The high frequency is well extended without fatigue but smooth. Your speakers have  wide dispersion.  The speakers sound  totally disappeared from your system.

The above are just my two cents.

what gear is in your system?  Happy Listening!