Thiel cs2.4 upgrade to cs 2.4 se

I'm currently using thiel cs2.4. Any master can advise on how to upgrade to cs2.4se by changing its capacity? May i know the value and specs of the capacitors? What is the sound difference between cs2.4 vs dc2.4se? Tq

inmate dgarretson can answer this query for you. You can find his comments in my Thiel Speakers thread. I own the CS 2.4SE and the improvements that one can expect is the use of top film capacitors on the x-over.  Happy Listening!
Correction: Thiel Owners thread.


Thanks Jafant.  I believe the only difference between the 2.4 and 2.4SE model was the use of ClarityCap SA capacitors.  I don't have a schematic, but during that time Thiel was purchasing 14uf and 28uf values.  They may have been bypassing these with 1uf polystyrene caps. You should be able to confirm this by inspecting the crossover.

Since then we have surpassed SA by two generations-- ESA and now CSA. For that application I suggest CSA/250V or, space permitting, our top CMR/400V model. 


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Dear Jafant,
Thanks for the lead.

Dear dgarretson,
Pls pardon my ignorent. May i summarise your points. I just need to buy two ClarityCaps SA of value 14uf and 28uf each to replace the existing two caps w value 1uf. ( May i know the sequence?)
Alternatively, i buy 2 units CSA/250 or CMR/400v of value 14uf and 28uf to replace the existing two caps w value 1uf.
Pls help to confirm on whether my interpretation is correct. Tq

You should inspect the board to be sure.  The configuration is likely 14uf in parallel with 1uf(=15uf) and 28uf in parallel with 1uf(=29uf).  If this is the case, then you could (1) replace the 14uf and 28uf values and leave the stock 1uf polystryrene caps in place, or (2) replace both the high values and the paralleled 1uf caps with 15uf and 29uf.

It is advisable to look carefully at the circuit before ordering anything.

Noted with thanks. I shall check over this one or two weekends. I will post again shall i need futher assistance. Thank you do much for your wonderfull and useful advice.
My pleasure desmond888

additionally, the "SE" speaker is a solid maple cabinet w/ a special red Vermillion stain unique to this model.
Much Thanks for your assistance- dgarretson.
Happy Listening!
Agreed. SE looks glamour. I like its finishing in particular. It is a great speaker but need power to optimise its performance.
Not so much high power, more importantly high -current!

keep me posted on your cross-over project. Happy Listening!
Dear jafant,
Sure. But it may take same time as currently i m required to travel more often to solicit more new biz in view of global economy slowdown. Not easy in banking industry now.
Dear friends, i tried to kick start my caps upgrading project but unsuccessful. In parcular, i have removed the screws at the bottom of thiel speakers but  can not open the enclosure. May i know anybody can enlighten me on how to dismantle the speakers to gain access to the crossover?
The original CS2.4, as best as I can tell, had 13uF + 1uF and 27uF + 1uF in the tweeter feed. In the SE version, the by-passes are replaced by single 14uF and 28uF caps as seen here:

I am unable to find these values in single caps from Clarity or Mundorf, altho' you can achieve the same capacitance with, for example, a 12 and 2uF cap. Rob Gillum at Coherent Source Service has SE upgrade kits so that you can transform you CS2.4's performance. Presumably these include the full-value caps seen in the linked pic. He also has the SE outriggers with SS spikes. Please support Coherent Source Service!

I have a pair of SE version, so already with the Clarity SA caps. I might upgrade those to a newer version (eg, Clarity CSA) but will probably upgrade the caps in the woofer feed first. From the schematic supplied by Rob Gillum, it appears there is a 33uF cap in the direct feed. Again, I can't find that exact value in a single cap so will have to get there using a combination.

Rob Gillum wrote me that the CS2.4's bottom panel is glued on. Access to the crossovers is via the passive radiator. I am leery of removing these for fear of difficulty in reattaching them but Rob wrote that you can grasp the radiator by its surround while re-screwing. I will report back as I upgrade my Thiels (won't be anytime soon).