Thiel CS1.6 vs Sonus Faber Grand Piano - $5k budgt

Just wondering if anyone's compared these two head to head. I'm trying to build a Home Theater System but am considerably more focused on 2 channel/audio performance rather than theater. Total budget is $5k for all 5 speakers.

Due to the cost of the Thiel center/surround (SCS3 @ $1400 each) I'd probably go with another manufacturers speaker for the rear channels that matches up well.

Anything else I should listen to? (Other than budget my other limitation, and audiophiles please excuse me for this, is the fiance doesn't want monstrous large front channels. The Grand Pianos are about as large as she'll let me get away with. Alright stop your laughing.)

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Right now you could get the whole Soliloquy setup. Soliloquy (new)5.3s for $900.00,Center for (new)400.00 and the Soliloquy 5.0s(new) for $390.00 without stands.Or go with four 5.0s and the center channel.And a matching sub for around $600.00. you would have a kick ass HT!This setup will put you under $2500.00.The setup retails for around $4500.00.Because of close outs there are some good deals to be had. These are beautifully made and finished and not too big.But high on the WAF!
I am with Gmood1, right on the nose!
If you go with the CS1.6's, save some cash for a nice subwoofer. I auditioned them with the SCS3, and while the imaging and soundstage was very nice, they need some help in the low end. The SCS3 really impressed me. I picked one up to use with my CS3.6's. In fact, three SCS3's would also be a very good setup. I'd go for the Thiels, but then again, I have been smitten with the sound of Thiels for some time. I am using some older AR bookshelves (TSW series) for my surrounds, and they seem to match up fairly well.

Happy hunting, Tom.
Thiel bass drivers need a LOT of break-in, and you need good power and proper cabling to produce that bass. When you get it, it's awesome, very very clean and quick. The 1.6 could probably benefit from a sub, but under proper conditions in a small to medium sized room, I have not found it necessary at all.