Thiel CS1.2 vs. Ohm Walsh 2

I'm not really an audiophile, though I do love to listen to music.   I am looking at a pair of Thiel CS1.2 speakers, vs. Ohm Walsh 2, for about the same price.  Both in decent, not perfect condition, Ohm needs grills which would be an additional cost.  No way to listen side by side.  Listening to B&W 685 speaker with Polk 10" subwoofer driven by a Denon 80 watt/ch AV receiver (Denon AVRX100w).  Room is 20' x 15' x 7 or 8' ceiling.  Listen to primarily "classic rock" and some jazz. Any suggestions oh gurus?
If you don't have suitable power and the speaker requires it you can literally fry the speaker.   


As luck has it, Thiel loudspeakers, are in heavy rotation on the secondary marketplace. Take your time selecting your model and have fun!

Happy Listening!
Any suggestions for a "low cost" power amp that would do it that I can find on the secondary marketplace as you say?  As I have said, would not have to maximize the speakers' performance, just work, and sound better than the present configuration.

Something by NAD, for example?

And I assume no need for you to see the Denon specs (i.e, power at 6 and 8 ohms, distortion etc.).  i guess I could ask Denon what the power rating would be at 4 ohms.
Yes, NAD, especially their Class A/B amps, would likely make for a more suitable match.

And if a manufacturer does not specify a 4 ohm spec the amp is likely not stable down to 4 ohms.

So are you looking for a power amp or an integrated amp?
(A basic power amp would require another component to perform the preamp chores)

And very importantly, what is your budget?
Fair questions.
I would think I could use the Denon as a preamp with line out. (Have to check.) I have a separate preamp for the turntable, and otherwise just play CD's and the occasional DVD.  So I would think a basic power amp would do it, esp if it reduced the cost.
   Incidentally, i looked uo the Magnepan LD, which although their budget at $650, needs more power they say.
  As for budget, not enough I am sure. Is there anything I could used or refurbished for $300? That is why I did a quick look at NAD on ebay. Used to have some NAD receivers and liked them .  I can't tell yet which are A/B, and min power necessary at 4 ohms.
   Thanks for all of your advice.