Thiel CS1.2 vs. Ohm Walsh 2

I'm not really an audiophile, though I do love to listen to music.   I am looking at a pair of Thiel CS1.2 speakers, vs. Ohm Walsh 2, for about the same price.  Both in decent, not perfect condition, Ohm needs grills which would be an additional cost.  No way to listen side by side.  Listening to B&W 685 speaker with Polk 10" subwoofer driven by a Denon 80 watt/ch AV receiver (Denon AVRX100w).  Room is 20' x 15' x 7 or 8' ceiling.  Listen to primarily "classic rock" and some jazz. Any suggestions oh gurus?
Thanks. Any thoughts on how best to answer the power issue? Don't need earshattering volume. It'll be a tough sell to my wife to spend as it is, and to set up "huge" speakers. Telling her I was looking at amps too would probably result in my sleeping outside in the snow. Although it's a bit of a drive, they are asking only $280 for the Thiels. Hence my interest. 
Concerning power requirements.   Need high current amp that is easily 4 ohm stable.   Your B&W 685 speakers are 8 ohm speakers with 88 db sensitivity.   The CS 1.2 are rated at 4 ohm and 87 db.  4 ohm is a much more demanding load than 8 ohm.   At minimum you need 40 watts per channel rms with both channels being driven at the same time with something considerably less than 1% THD 20-20Khz; and I'd be looking for something more.
Suitable amplification will likely cost more than the speakers are currently going for.
Thanks again for the advice. Looks like I will have to let it go, or try the Ohms. I can't get the speakers and upgrade my receiver for an amp. It would be okay if the performance wasn't optimal, but if the sound would be fatiguing, or there could be damage to the receiver, that would be bad to say the least.
If you don't have suitable power and the speaker requires it you can literally fry the speaker.   


As luck has it, Thiel loudspeakers, are in heavy rotation on the secondary marketplace. Take your time selecting your model and have fun!

Happy Listening!