Thiel CS .5 Woofers

I have a pair of 15 year old CS .5 speakers. I plan to use them in a second system. They are in terrific shape except for the woofers. The paper cones have dried out and are comming apart due to age. Does anybody know where I can procure a new pair of woofers. Thank you in advance for your help.
I know this is wild, but, would contacting Thiel be something that might produce results? Lets say you had a 1986 Ford and you needed a part, what would you do? Would you place an ad in the local newspaper asking for help in locating the part or would you call the local Ford dealer?
Anyway, CS.5 will not be 15 years old since it was manufacture in the late 90s.
I have contacted Thiel and was told I have to buy them through a dealer of which there are none local. I was
hoping that someone who has gone through this may have replaced the Thiel woofers with something similar and more available. Since it appears this is not the case I have recontacted Thiel and asked if they will ship direct since there is no local dealer and they have agreed. The CS .5 has been manufactured since the mid 1980's and are still being manufactured today.
Engeld, I stand corrected, they are CS .04A's. Thank you for correcting me.
Liguy, please don't pay attention to Biz. We are having some trouble getting him to play nice. It's nothing personal. Good luck. -
Thanks Angela. Here I thought it was my bad breath.