Thiel cs 3.7 vs Rockport Atria

I have the possibility to purchase a new pair of Thiel cs 3.7 at a good price but am also interested in Rockport Technologies Atria.
I absolutely love the sound presentation of the cs 3.7 and find them very musical.
Can anyone give me their opinion on Rockport Atria which i haven't had the chance to audition yet.
My amp will be Karan Acoustics KAS 600.
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I'd consider getting the Thiels while you still can, their days of availability may be numbered.
Well unfortunately they are no longer available but i can purchase a used pair in perfect shape for half price of a new.
Obviously Rockports is not the same budget.
Both Thiel models- Cs 2.4 & CS 2.7 are my reference.
The CS 3.7 is too large for my small room- remember- the 3.7 needs 20x20, 25x25 or 30x30 sized room(s) to sound their very best.

One will be hard-pressed to find a better loudspeaker- does everything right, very musical w/ all types of genre. Do not forget a robust power amp to really make these babies sing!
Happy Listening!
My room will be 15x20 which i think is enough for 3.7's.
They are a 2009 model therefore i will have to make the lastest upgrade that was available starting from 2013 i think.
By buying the Thiels rather than the Rockports, that you'll have enough money left over to buy a couple of used Thiel subs.;-)
I won't need subs because my room is not large enough.
The extra money for a better DAC-Preamp.