Thiel CS 3.7 Owners and Room Size

I am hoping to get some guidence from Thiel CS 3.7 owners about room size. I just moved into a house that has an audio room that is 16.5'L x 11.5 W x 8' H. It is carpetted/hardwood with a single large sofa and a large coffee table. The existing furniture must stay.

I have setup Thiel SCS4's (monitors) with stands along the long wall. Both speakers are about 17 inches from the back wall and the left speaker is 3 feet away from a side wall. The right speaker's side opens up to a hallway, but there is a side wall 4.5 feet away (after the hallway opening), that I think does a good job of catching the first reflection.

I would like a fuller deeper sound so I am all ready to buy a new Thiel USS SmartSub plus the Thiel PX05 passive crossover (PX02 not longer available), and be done with it. I only do 2 channel. I listen to all types of music and I listen as loud as the room dictates.

However, my dream speaker is the CS 3.7. I have spent the last few years researching and listening and I also know the sound I like. I was resigned to the fact that this speaker would not fit into my old room or the new room. My previous speakers were the Revel Salon1 and I know that speaker would not sound too good in my new room. I had this speaker in 2 prior homes (1 large and 1 small) so I know this to be true with my electronics (Bryston PowerPac 300 or 7B-SST). So I was thinkting the new rooom would also be too small for the CS 3.7's.

Yesrterday I read the online Thiel CS 3.7 setup manual and I was very surprised to see a long wall (near-field) configueation in a room a little larger than mine (18' L x 14' W).

In my room, I can squeeze in the sweet spot at 8'-9' from a long wall placement. I am now wondering if I can get these CS 3.7 into my room. If so, I would buy them and not get the sub. My dealer says to get the CS 3.7. I have emailed Thiel on this and expect an answer in a few days (person I emailed is at an audio show).

I would be very interested in amy opinions from the A'Gom community.

Thanks in advance.
I have the cs3.7 speakers in a room that's 20 x 21. I have them 3 feet from the front wall and 2.5 feet in from the side walls. The speakers are 11 feet apart (center to center) and I sit 14 feet in front of them. That's where I get the best soundstage. They are magic. I highly recommend them to you.
Ncluff52 thanks for the info. Your room is perfect size for the CS 3.7's. If I had that space I wouldn't hestitate and would have bought the CS 3.7's. My room is missing space in the width dimension, it's only 11.5 feet.

I sent some photos of my room to Thiel, my dealer, and some others. I'll have to wait and see what the consensus will be.
I have uploaded some camera phone pictures of the room in question.

Link to pictures
I have the CS6s in the size room you describe and I so absolutely go fo it with the 3.7s. I get all the bass I could ever want.