Thiel CS 3.7 owners

There should be some pairs in audiophile homes now,so what do you think? How are the sonics? The aesthetics? The soundstaging and imaging?
I'm not an owner. But I have heard them on at least a dozen occasions, most for extended listening, with various electronics.
Sonics... are slightly warmer than other thiels, but still very detailed, and balanced throughout the freq. range.
Aesthetics... I think they are beautiful. Fit and finish is first rate.
They absolutely soundstage and image like champions. If they come out with a replacment to the 7.2, my wife is going to kill me.
Lots of threads about them here on Agon.
The CS 3.7 is a very large and killer speaker. It needs a large room to "breathe" and open up proper. 20x20, 25x25 or 30x30 will do very nicely.
Add a robust ,solid-state power amp, and you will be rewarded.