Thiel Cs 3.6. Outdated?

I went to a shop yesterday, bought myself a very nice Mccormack DNA 0.5 used. Anyway, the salesman had a Thiel 3.6 used for sale, the "claimed" price was $3300, here in Brazil high-end is very expensive so do not be freaked out by the price tag. I can talk the guy out to $2500, I believe, not less.

Anyway, I was very impressed with these speakers, the bass was so good... I'd never ask for more if I get these. I was wondering what is you guys take on it. Is it outdated? Are there better bang for the buck stuff out there? Will I get a comparable result with a bookshelf Dynaudio+ Rel Strata II subwoofer?
the 3.6 is a great speaker.
The Thiel's spend a good amount of time in the 2-4ohm range If I recall correctly, this could be tuff on the amp if you have a large room or like to play loud.

That is not a terrible price for used CS3.6's, if they are in good shape. I own a pair myself, and I do not feel that they are outdated at all. These are very flat speakers (29Hz-20kHz +/- 1.5 dB), and are rated down to 27 Hz. So yes, their low end capabilities are impressive. By comparison to the newer Thiel models (CS1.6 and CS2.4), they are more full, but perhaps not as "sharp" sounding. However, I prefer them to the 2.4's, myself. Also, it is somewhat telling that we have not seen a CS3.7 yet. Thiel does not put out a new model unless it believes that it can present a significant upgrade over the previous model. So that tells you that they have had a hard time making the 3.6 significantly better.

Hope this helps, Tom.
I have owned a pair of 3.6's for almost nine years, and since then, I have made several improvements to my system, and each change has been readily audible. I have found the 3.6's to be so good as to justify any system upgrade that I can afford to make; I don't see my system outgrowing them for a long time. Just be aware that they will mercilessly reveal any shortcomings upstream, so select your other components carefully. Good luck! -- Alan
The 3.6's are still be being made. A new 3 series is rumoured to be in the works. Some people claim that Thiel's older works (the 3.6's probably being the last) with individual instead of concentric drivers were/are his best. The 3.6's may be available for less money once the new 3 series comes to be. As for me I think they are still very competetive with anything near their price. Do keeep in mind they are fussy about amplification!
Great speakers, especially given the "marriage" requirements of proper room-loading, are probably the least datable link in the chain. If your amp can provide sufficient current into 2 ohms AND they sound great in YOUR room, get 'em, and don't worry about the evolutionary curve of concentric driver research, which is more important in HT than 2ch stereo anyway....
>more important in HT

Why do you say that, Ernie?
I also used to own a pair as well. Great speakers and drop dead gorgeous bird-eye maple finish.

Very difficult to drive as well. I used Aragon 4004mk2, Levinson 23.5 and Levinson 333. I think McCormack DNA-1 will work as well. Not sure about 0.5 though. It might be tough for a mid size room.
It's a very small room, my bedroom, actually, hungry for bass though. I heard it in a big room being driven by Mccormack combo (DNA 0.5+TLC-1) and the drivers wouldn't move even with volume levels at 60%. Will consider buying it in the future, altough I wish I could pay about $2500 tops for it.
How small is small? 3.6's might be a bit too much for a really small room.
For seating and speaker placement,

You will want to sit at least 8 ft from the drivers. 12 ft will be better. Then the speaker need at least 3 ft away from any wall. Particularly side wall.

So generally speaking, you will need a mid-size room to fit Thiel 3.6.
My room measures 14'X 19'X 10', which I consider small for the Thiel 3.6s. Using four 11"X 48" ASC tube traps, Absorbtion and diffusing panels as well. The room treatment brought the soundstage and imaging into focus, and tame alot of glare and brightness from reflections.

My suggestion.......small room.......small speakers!
its 4 meters per 6 meters. but i plan to expand it soon
That should be OK.
What would be the fair price for a pair of Thiel 3.6 used?
Check the Blue Book.
Hi Drubin,
Just because sweet spots need to be much bigger, and concentrics provide that much more easily, especially compared to Thiels first-order crossover multi-driver designs.