Just bought a used pair of these Thiel speakers and need advice on how best to power them.
Need more info.

How big is your room?
How loud to you listen?
Do you like tubes or SS or both?
First off, Eldarado is correct. Thiel recommends 100 to 400 watts for the 2.4's. In the past Thiels recommendations were based on standard ratings, i.e., into 8 Ohm loads. The CS 2.4's drop down to 3 Ohms. With that in mind, ideally you should choose an amp that is capable of between 300 to 1200 watts into 3 Ohms. IMHO, 600 watts into 3 Ohms would be a good place to start. Thiel has offered that they have had best results with Ayre, Boulder, Classe', Conrad-Johnson, Krell, Levinson, Pass, Theta and VTL. They also suggest some other less ambitious offerings and that others amps that they haven't tried may work well too. Most people agree that Thiels more so than most other speakers really need quality amplification to be at their best. Most people also seem to agree that one should avoid amps that can get nasty in the upper frequencies.
With amps:-)

I auditioned the 2.4's being powered by a Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated amp and it sounded fantastic. I had actually ordered a pair in the Morado finish when I realized that my room wasn't big enough for them, and I cancelled the order.

I also auditioned them at another store where they had them in their HT room with cheaper amps and it was easy to tell (after hearing them with the MF) that the cheap equipment wasn't providing the power or quality signal that they needed. It sounded good but disappointing since I knew they did better.

Don't scimp on quality or power and you'll be fine, as long as you have the 8-10 distance between you and the speakers so they'll integrate right.

I am with unsound in his assesment concerning driving your Thiels. You can go to Thiels web site as well and get more information or simply call them they are always willing to help. I have 3.6's and utilize conrad johnson electronics and can say from personnel experience that Thiels love quality electronics and will reward you with sound that will make your hair stand on edge when you do. Enjoy your Thiels and good luck in your search for amplification. When doing so keep in mind quality over quantity.

I have very good experience with the McCormack DNA 500. I have to agree with Irish65 for his assesmments with C/J gears. I also tried it with the Premier 350 and the results were just simply breathtaking. Please feel free to email me directly if you need more information or need help looking for a nice quality amplifier. I have a demo unit, DNA 500, if you're interested.

I would recommend looking at the following to start with:

McCormack DNA 255 (SS)
Sim Audio W3 or W5 (SS)
Rogue M150's (Tube)
Quad 909 (SS)

Good luck
Spear11, you made an outstanding choice as it is clear that accuracy of timbre is valuable to you. Congratulations! The above recommendations from fellow audiogoners are right on and you will have great results with all of their suggestions. If possible, please try to home demo the amp with your Thiels before purchasing. A good audio shop will be more than happy to arrange for this. I power CS6s with a Krell 400cx amp but have heard Thiels sounding great with cj and Rogue tube amps, as well as Levinson, McCormick, Rowland. Even a Bryston 3BST or 4BST, Parasound JC1, Musical Fidelity or similar amp will work very well, provided they have at least 100 WPC and your room is not too large; if the amp can double output into 4 OHms vs. 8 Ohms, then this is ideal. Give 'em juice (i.e. current) to spare and they will respond with sweetness in the mids, full bass and delicate, not etched, air.

Please let us know what you decide on, why and how it is working out.

No, I don't work for Thiel but sometimes wish I did.

Cheers, Steve
I have 3.6's, different speakers but same family...I've used Classe CA 200...good, and now using Mcintosh 501 mono's ...outstanding. My 2 cents. good luck with your choice, there are alot of good ones.
I want to thank everyone for their imput, you have helped me so very much.

What I have decided to use is a Mark Levinson #383 intergrated amp & a Esoteric DV-50 CD/DVD player using a Shunyata hydra 8 line conditioner.

I am having an awful time trying to assort the good from the bad to the overpriced speaker cables & interconects that will work well with my system.

Any advice would be helpful.

Dave, good choice. I use Harmonic Tech cables in my Thiel system and am very happy withe them. Lots of air, detail, rich mids and outstanding bass.
I probably took to long to answer this thread, but I have been very happy usuing the Bryston 3B-SST. It has enough power for powerful transients, I have been able to reach high volumes around 105 dB with ease, and louder. I believe my preamp makes everything sound somewhat "electronic" not as natural as normal. Overall I am very happy using the Bryston.

I have the 2.3, a slightly harder load, and I have used the Bryston 4B-ST, Plinius SA-102 and now the Rogue Zeus.

I've found that while power is key, the quality of power -- and everything else down the line -- is crucial.

I've had good luck over the years using Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables.

Good luck with your Thiels. They are a great speaker. I have replaced just about every other component in my system but kept the Thiels. They really reward you.
I used to own Thiel 2.4 and tried a number of amps. u definitely need a high current amp. I highly recommend Pass X250.5 or X350.5, ASL hurriance or KW500.
I guess I'm swimming against the current here. I run mine with a 80 watts a Cary SLI-80 using the 4 ohm taps. The room is 22X12X8 and they sound just fine. I have a ss amp 350 per channel but do not feel the need to use it.

I've enjoyed this thread, as I have just upgraded my 2.2's to 2.3's and am shopping for a pre & amp or an integrated to run in a bypass of my ACT 3 HT. I heard a Musical Fidelity A5 in Dallas the other day and was very impressed. An integrated with 250 doubled into 500 with a pre to boot. He was runnning them through some totems, don't recall the model. Bookshelf sized with a helluva bottom end. I have an all thiel system, and am looking to run a tube pre and ss amp..keep the suggestions coming! Anybody heard an older Conrad Johnson?