Thiel CS 2.2 Speakers... What you all think?

So I'm putting together a system and there are some  Thiel CS 2.2 speakers in mint condition for $800 in my area. What do you all think of the speakers and the price? I really appreciate the feedback and any considerations I may have for them. I have an Outlaw 5 channel amp and a Marantz pre-amp. Currently running some Klipsch Heresy II speakers. 

Would these be a great upgrade? TY to the community for helping me.
25 years with the same speaker?  That's remarkable.  What are you even doing on a site like this?  ;-)
@prof. "What are you even doing on a site like this?" Not much, actually. I get Audiogon's e-mails. I'll sometimes notice a topic of interest and will occasionally toss in my 2¢. Thiel 2 2s are of interest. Balanced AC and active monitors are others.
I owned Theil 2.2's back in the 90's.
I went through quite a few speakers, including Maggies, Alon's, and Dynaudio.
The Theil's were my favorite and after I got them I had no urge to upgrade. Owned them for 15 years.
At the time they were 2,800.00 and worth every penny.

The Theil sound fit my taste for outstanding detail and imaging. 
I drove them with a Conrad Johnson Premier, 7a at 70 tube watts per side.
They are capable of prodigious bass. The Connie J wasn't able to bring that aspect out, but the mids were glorious!
That was 20 some odd years ago. These days solid state amps have improved, so I would recommend a high current solid state amp. 
If clear mid range, crisp treble and outstanding imaging are what you value in a speaker you will nor be disappointed with the 2.2's
Oh, the build quality and finishing are first rate.
I had 3.6's....a fan of Thiel.  Too bad it went away.   Thiel is a transparant speaker...  If you have good components, it will reward, but will also reveal warts.