Thiel CS 2.2 Speakers... What you all think?

So I'm putting together a system and there are some  Thiel CS 2.2 speakers in mint condition for $800 in my area. What do you all think of the speakers and the price? I really appreciate the feedback and any considerations I may have for them. I have an Outlaw 5 channel amp and a Marantz pre-amp. Currently running some Klipsch Heresy II speakers. 

Would these be a great upgrade? TY to the community for helping me.
Personally, I do not think so. What kind of upgrade ( s ) are you looking for ? What do you like, and dislike, about the Heresy 2s ? What are your room dimensions, and how do you have the speakers set up relative to your listening seat ? What music do you listen to most of the time ( favorite kinds ) ? As your amp is a 5 channel unit, is this a combination audio and video system ? What are your sources ( cd, streaming, vinyl, radio ) ? How loud do you like to play the system ? Is the room a dedicated listening / entertainment room ? Do you have any acoustical room treatments ? Those are enough questions for now. Enjoy ! MrD.
Mr Decibel, thanks for the response. I haven't really listened to the Heresy's yet. I just got them and I'm moving into a new home. I listen to a variety of music. A lot of classical, new wave and metal. Yes a big cross section of music. My condo is 1100 sq feet. Not very big but pretty big for San Francisco. I just want crisp, full sound. Punchy bass but not muddy or overwhelming bass. I have a turn table, cassette deck and then streaming from Google Music.

Do you not think the Thiels aren't big upgrades and I should give the Klipsch a bigger opportunity? 
Big Thiel Audio fan here. If you can audition the CS 2.2 prior to purchase-go for it!  If you enjoy the presentation and sound of the 2.2, seek out a pair of CS 2.4 loudspeakers. The 2.4 will give a crisper, fuller sound while still punchy in the Bass.  Happy Listening!
My first Thiels were the 2.2s and I consider them the best audio bargain I've ever gotten.  I think you should at least try them.  I don't know how they compare to the Heresys but they are great for the money.  Slightly warm, punchy, smooth, and sound great in a typical room.  
It depends on what you are after and what your preferences are... For me,  yes, its is an upgrade,  BUT I would put a high current, smooth & detailed amp on them to make them sing.  The Thiel are a fairly consistent 4 ohm load and 86db sensitivity.  They need power. I haven't seen curves on the Heresy II, but they are rated at 8 ohm & 99db sensitivity. So,  no matter what the Heresy's should be very quick, dynamic speakers. Once you have excellent dynamics,  it is hard to go back.... But the Thiels set up properly for me with a High Current amplifier will sound more like music than the Klipsch.  On the other hand,  with the right tubed amp,  the Klipsch do what they do, extremely well.  So, I am saying alot depends on your taste and the associated equipment.