Thiel CS 2.2 Speakers... What you all think?

So I'm putting together a system and there are some  Thiel CS 2.2 speakers in mint condition for $800 in my area. What do you all think of the speakers and the price? I really appreciate the feedback and any considerations I may have for them. I have an Outlaw 5 channel amp and a Marantz pre-amp. Currently running some Klipsch Heresy II speakers. 

Would these be a great upgrade? TY to the community for helping me.
Personally, I do not think so. What kind of upgrade ( s ) are you looking for ? What do you like, and dislike, about the Heresy 2s ? What are your room dimensions, and how do you have the speakers set up relative to your listening seat ? What music do you listen to most of the time ( favorite kinds ) ? As your amp is a 5 channel unit, is this a combination audio and video system ? What are your sources ( cd, streaming, vinyl, radio ) ? How loud do you like to play the system ? Is the room a dedicated listening / entertainment room ? Do you have any acoustical room treatments ? Those are enough questions for now. Enjoy ! MrD.
Mr Decibel, thanks for the response. I haven't really listened to the Heresy's yet. I just got them and I'm moving into a new home. I listen to a variety of music. A lot of classical, new wave and metal. Yes a big cross section of music. My condo is 1100 sq feet. Not very big but pretty big for San Francisco. I just want crisp, full sound. Punchy bass but not muddy or overwhelming bass. I have a turn table, cassette deck and then streaming from Google Music.

Do you not think the Thiels aren't big upgrades and I should give the Klipsch a bigger opportunity? 
Big Thiel Audio fan here. If you can audition the CS 2.2 prior to purchase-go for it!  If you enjoy the presentation and sound of the 2.2, seek out a pair of CS 2.4 loudspeakers. The 2.4 will give a crisper, fuller sound while still punchy in the Bass.  Happy Listening!