Thiel CS 1.6 vs ProAc vs ?

I'm planning to upgrade my system:
Jolida JD-100 CDP (recently purchased), Conrad-Johnson PV12 pre-amp, Aragon 4004 MkII. I would like a speaker that will be resonably neutral but involving, with very good resolution and imaging. I listen mainly to old rock and pop, various genres of current vocal, and classical (symphonic) music.
Thiel are generally (at least the ones I've heard) lean and hyper-detailed, definitely on the 'gray' side of things. ProAcs (2.5s, 2Ss, etc.) are generally fuller and warmer but less detailed, really on the 'cream' side of things. Thiel makes suberbly built and engineered speakers but they require careful component matching. The right ProAc can sound good with any number of tube and SS pcs.

Your pre-amp, by the way, is on the 'cream' side of things (kind of sounds like the color of it's front panel), and the Aragon is on the 'gray' side. Interesting match.
Actually, depending on how much you want to spend, Harbeth C7ES-2 is a damn good speaker with superb musicality and natural detail. Should work really well with the big SS amp but you'd need stands - very important with these or any other stand mount.
My room size (22X15) is one reason why I'd prefer to stay with a full range speaker. A speaker I've read about recently is the Joseph Audio RM22si MkII. Do you have an opinion about this one?
Your statement about my electronics is interesting. My view of the Aragon is that it is a neutral and powerful amp and that the C-J is a little less neutral (warmer) pre-amp. Are you indicating that I have an incompatibility or that the two units are fighting one another? Again, my hope was that I would be able to use this combination with the Jolida source and purchase speakers to produce a reasonably detailed sound (especially for vocal and small group instrumental music), also with a fairly neutral reproduction of the sound spectrum, and ultimately an involving music experience. I realize I may be asking for a lot in this price range. I'm hoping that my eletronics combination is not "flawed" so that I can't realize my goal.
I have not heard the Aragon amp in 7-8 years but remember it being, like you said, mostly neutral but a little on the lean side. However, I've been using tube amps since 1985 so my perception is prejudiced. I was saying the combo of C-J and Aragon could be quite nice as they would balance each other. Then again, some people say trying to balance components doesn't work; you need to buy items of all the same presentation. I've not found this to be true and think both approaches can be done successfully. The only really important thing is that your system makes you want to plant your butt in the listening chair as often as possible. It should also make you excited throughout the day to get back to music listening, and the third thing it should do is make you pour through your music collection and also spend time seeking out new music. A great automobile should make one want to drive it, not go to dealers and check out others.

I heard Joseph speakers at a dealer about 5-6 years ago and found them a bit 'grayish' and lean. Too much leading transient edge, if you know what I mean. You may want to check the new Spendor line that everyone (and I mean everyone who has reviewed them) has raved about. Spendor makes a good sized floor stander that is supposed to be quite detailed and transparent but also very musical, not clinical. I can't remember the model numbers.
That would be the Se series. Check out the S8e and maybe the S9e.
Vandersteen 2Ce Signature or 3a Signature. Please audition these before purchasing anything else. They will provide all you seek from your description.
Thanks for your comments and recommendations. I'm encouraged, going in a different direction, considering one the Spendor Se speakers. I would be most interested in hearing from Spendor users, regarding their recommendations of the S5e, S6e, and S8e, given my room size and electronics.
To Tomryan:

I just received my Spendor S5e speakers this week. Right out of the box they're impressive. Compared to my Thiel CS 1.2's, they strike me as much more well balanced and with plenty of resolving ability. What I have so far been surprised by is their bass rendition, an unexpected plus for a speaker this size.

Thanks again. This is much more of what I was looking (listening) for.