Thiel CS 1.2 Upgrade with SB Acoustic's

I have a pair of Thiel CS1.2's I got from a woman's garage, that were her ex husbands, and she did not want them. I first had to have one of the tweeters rebuilt, but after that I got to listen to them for about a year!  However, now one of the rubber surrounds on the speaker is coming loose and rattles when playing.  So after some research here is the plan.  I have a set of SB Acoustic SB17NRXC35-4 from leftovers of a car install.  Madisound recommended I get the SB17MFC35-4 as a replacement for the original Vifa cone.  So the plan is to test all three options

1. Compare the SB17NRXC35-4 with the original.
2. Compare the SB17MFC35-4 with the original.
3. Realize original is best and repair the original.

These are all 4Ohm speakers so none will change the impedance of the speaker.

I just ordered the MFC's so it will be a few days.
 The Ohm rating is a nominal one, not necessarily one that repeats it's impedance over the bandwidth of the driver in it's application. Furthermore, Jim Thiel designed his cross-overs to compensate for specific driver anomalies.  Those specially designed cross-overs might alter the non OEM drivers in areas where they don'[t need it, and not alter them where they do need it.
 Either call Thiel for driver replacement or rebuild, or call Bill LeGall of Miller Sound for excellent work on driver rebuilds, just explain the situation.
 Anything less will undo Jim Thiel's hard work and you'll could be left with a Frankenstein butcher job that might seriously compromise the resale value of the speakers.
I got these for $50 so its not a huge loss.  However I will keep the originals if I like the sound of the SB's better, so I can always return them to stock if need be.  I have contacted someone I have worked with before from Thiel on getting this original woofer fixed regardless.

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Hello, well I hooked up the SB acoustic  SB17MFC35-4 today and I can report the original is best.  The SB had a little more bass, but the sound is muddy compared to the original sound.  Its like the SB has a Blanket over the speaker that the original does not have.   Based on this I did not even try the other SB woofer and plan to fix my original.  
Madisound did come back and say the speaker will sound AM radio until it breaks in.  My problem with that is the possible inability to return the product .
Thanks! for sharing- oak244

keep me posted on your journey.

Happy Listening!
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