Thiel 7.2 vs Wilson Sophia

Anyone able to a/b these two? Curious to hear reactions. I have not been able to hear either (yet) in NYC.
You need to go further up the wilson line.

Have heard both and the difference IMO a matter of scale.
That is, the wonderful Wilson's will suffice in a smaller room whereas the mighty Thiels will thrive in Bill Gates's great room.
Quality of sound won't be an issue with either (given proper care and feeding).
Both are great speakers but the Thiels need a lot of juice.
Lyric at 83rd and Lexington had a pair of 7.2 demos for sale the last time I was in there.

Innovative at 58th and Third currently has a pair of Sofias on the floor.

The post about the Thiels requiring a lot of juice (A LOT) is correct. The Sofias are very easy to drive in comparison, but are not as full-range as the Thiels.
the thiels undoubtedly win this battle of the full range giants.
Odd about Lyric. I do not believe they are a Thiel dealer...
Lyric was a Thiel dealer and no longer carries the line. Sound by Singer has been selling a lot of Thiel in the last few years -- perhaps they took the line for the city.
Innovative Audio used to be a dealer for both Thiel and Wilson.
Wood vs. Automobile Paint finish?
The mighty 7.2 needs a lot of power and very picky about upstream equipment. But once it is well set up and fed by well chosen equipment, they disappear and bring the musicians to your room. I prefer the Thiel as it is more full range although Sophia is also very decent.

Regarding wood vs. automobile, it depends on the furniture and decor of your room. Thiel's wood finish is excellent and Wilson paint finish is also next to perfect.
I have spent some time with both, and this is a no-lose situation. The 7.2 will defintely have better low frequency extension, be harder to drive (consider monoblocks here), will be more sensitive to upstream components and require a large room. Thiels need to be spread wide apart, face forward (no toe-in), and be far from side and rear walls. The listener also needs to be at least 12 feet away to allow for proper driver integtration.

The Sophias are much more sensitive and easier to drive. They also can fit is a wider variatey of rooms. They too like to be spread out, but using more of a toe-in placement, which means side walls aren't as much of a factor. These speakers don't seem to require grade A upsteam componenents, but will also show benefit from them.

All that being said, they don't sound anything alike. You really need to make your decision on 1) Your sound preference, 2) Room size 3) Amplifier(s)

These are just my opinions based on a few hours with each speaker.
If you want to set off WWIII, just send this thread to Richard Hardesty of Audio Perfectionist and Michael Fremer of Stereophile.

Jim Thiel likes to toe in the 7.2's somewhat. Not directly at the listener like some, but more toe in than just slight.
This would also help with some room reflections 'sounding' much different than the direct, causing conflicting first/later arrival issues.