Thiel 7.2 vs Hales T-8 opinion needed

Hi all,
I'm about to get an upgrade on speakers.
I currently own a pair of Aerial 10T
Between 7.2 and T-8 - which one is better sound ?
My gears are mostly Krell
Thanks in advance
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though the hales are great, this appears to be a sideways move
What is your amp? This will also help in the decision process.
I love the look of the Hales, but I would investigate the availability of replacement parts. Contact Paul Hales if possible.
currently own a pair of Aerial 10T
Between 7.2 and T-8 - which one is better sound
You know what? The 10T you already have is pretty good as spkrs go.
That is, the other two are nothing to keel over about compared to yours (and they sound reasonably similar, I prefer the Theil -- but not because it's really better IMO).

If you're tired of staring at the same spkr & want to change why not opt for a different design, say an open baffle or dipole, or smthing. Regards
I'd recommend staying in neutral and not changing gears.
Thanks to all,
I'm surprise that some of response suggest that getting T-8 or 7.2 is not an upgrade.
My 10T sounds really good with my Krell MDA-300 mono amps along with Krell KRC-Ref preamp.
My digital front are Sony SCD777ES/Esoteric P-70/Denon 3910, all feeding to Theta Gen Va DAC.

If I follow your advices - then I would save myself $5K :-)
My thought is that these two has MSRP like $10K+ - while the 10T was like $7K

I have heard good thing about T-8 midrange, and 7.2 coherent - Please advice
The Ariel is darn good.. If you want to experiment, try new power cords, etc. before spending big bucks on new speakers. Yes new speakers will be different, but I doubt if they'll be better. What don't you like about your speakers now. Remember that the speakers are the last in a long chain of stuff that could also be irritating you...not necessarily your speakers.
I would say that these speakers offer slight differences in sound, that one could say they favor over another, in different respects. I wouldn't say you were necessarily "upgrading" going this route. But would depend on musical tastes, listening lifestyles, preferences, etc.
What exactly are you listening to, how loud, do you move around when you listen (or sit anchored in one spot), etc? Also, what is your room layout and acoustics like?
I guess what I'm asking myself is what are you trying to upgrade in the "sound"? What do you feel is lacking with your 10T's, and what do you hope to get out of the Hales/Thiels?
Depending on your WANTS, and what you think you might be getting, you may or may not be going down the right track of thinking. So please clarify your experiences thus far, your tastes, music listening habits, yada, yada.
Also, can't speak for the Hales, but the Thiels, I found favored a good solid state amp with a tube preamp, from my experiences. So don't know if that helps. however, whatever you do, I'd change one variable. So if you want to do speakers, just do that, and not change your components right way. If you plan on keeping components relatively unchanged, then yes, you need to match speakers that will tonally compliment your gear also.
I'm using all solid state with 7.2's and find the sound exquisite. Simaudio P5LE with Classe CDP1, CA400 power amp, and Virtual Dynamics speaker cables. Very sweet, delicate and airy, but with plenty of bass. Very quiet w. XLR! Some day I'd like to upgrade to a second CA400 or a pair of Simaudio W10's, but I must say that I'm a pretty happy camper -- very happy with these Thiels. Tough or impossible to beat at their price. A pair of 20T's, for example, would probably yield improvement -- but for almost three times the money on the used market! And one must upgrade all links in the chain to make the most of his purchase. Audition the 7.2 if you get the chance. They're quite a treat.