Thiel 7.2's with Electrocompaniet AW-220's?

Anyone try the 7.2's with these monoblocks? I'm wondering how the combo sounds. Enough power?
I haven't tried this combination but I've had both the Thiel and Electrocompaniet separately.

I think the "sweet" sound of the EC would nicely tame the aggressive tweeters of the Thiel. Unfortunately, I don't think these amps would have enough power to drive the Thiel the way they should be driven.

I would look for powerful tube amps (e.g., a pair of BAT) or a powerful SS amp with a very smooth top end. With the right amps, the Thiel sound absolutely wonderful. With the wrong amps, the Thiel will drill holes through your ear.

Good luck
What about EC Nemos?
A fellow Audiogoner has had trouble in the past with an EC amp and less demanding Thiels. Electrocompaniet amps may be thermally limited from actually providing the specs they quote. There really doesn't appear to be enough sinking or fans to actually produce their claimed class A power into the loads they suggest for any extended period of time. I believe EC has gone bankrupt. EC's previous distributor has caught a lot of flack here on Audiogon. EC's reputation for reliability has been less than sterling. Too bad, pretty nice sounding gear, when they work.
EC is back in busines.
I owned an EC integrated and loved it! No issues what so ever! I bet the combination would sound great. They are definitely some of the better sounding solid state amps avaibable in my opinion.

I've got the EC integrated also and also like is very "sweet sounding" as Justin mentions above...but I also feel that it is not nearly as powerful as the specs would have one believe. I also had a Bryston B-60 that sounded different (some music better...some music worse) but much more powerful...the EC runs out of steam long before the bryston. I never had reliability problems with either, but recently read that "help electrocompaniet stole christmas" thread and even before that...there was always that little voice in the back of my head that said..."if and when this thing's suuuure gonna be a pain in the ass for you" EC is back in business...but IMO that doesn't change the fear of possible poor service issues...the thread that I referred to above was where an EMC1 owner(their cd player) wanted a factory upgrade...but was told that he couldn't get it as the piece was not purchased from an authorized dealer...he even was willing to pay for the thread and come to your own conclusions.

on that note...would I recommend EC?

for a nice cheap (sub $1000 used) integrated amp...sure...but for an expensive pair of monoblocks...especially the Nemo's...I myself would be wary and probably look at other offerings first.

just my opinion for the less than 2c that it's worth.