Thiel 6 versus Thiel 7

I have been auditioning a pair of Thiel 6s and was wondering if the 7s are worth the extra 2-3K used. I don't have the luxury of auditioning them where I live. Speakers are the first component I am looking for in an entire system upgrade, so no other components to consider at this point. (They will probably be driven by a Krell FPB 200c or 300c)
A few years ago, I was able to directly compare the Thiel CS-6's with the 7.2's. Frankly, I could not hear enough of a difference to justify anywhere near the additional expense. I was listening to jazz, classical and rock in a well designed auditioning room at a high end retailer. I bought the 6's. I imagine the 7.2's are an improvement over the original 7's, so ... Of course, everyone's ears are different. The 7's do move more air and might be more appropriate in a large listening room, but for my money (literally), the 6's sound fine. IMO. Cheers.
The CS6 was at the top of my short list a few years ago for a new dynamic speaker in the 6-8 range. Ultimately I ended up with a used pair of CS7.2s. There are some differences between these speakers worth noting.

The mid/upper bass of the CS6 is quite lean compared to the CS7.2. The CS7.2 utilizes a 6.5" mid/upper bass driver that gives the 7.2 more presence, warmth, and articulation in this range.

There is more upper mid and lower treble energy in the CS6. The good news is that the CS6 has more presence in this region, and has a slightly wider soundstage then the CS7.2. The downside is that the CS6 can be more critical of poor recordings and partnering equipment.

Overall I find the CS7.2 to be more coherent top to bottom. Both the CS6 (to a lesser extent) and CS2.3 exhibit a lean area (suckout?) in the mid/upper bass to lower midrange. How noticeable this is seems dependent on the program material.

I have not heard the original CS7. From what I have read many felt that the CS6 outperformed the original CS7.

Either one (CS6/CS7.2) would be a good choice. You could rationalize the CS6 by putting the money saved towards the best quality, high current amplification you can afford.
I have had a lot of equipment go through my posession in the last five years, but the one piece that has lasted is my Thiel CS6 speakers. My second favorite is the Krell FPB300c that drives them! Looking towards a Spectral front end this year. Kodos to the Audio Research Ref II that I had to trade out of earlier this year. Go for the CS6's and dont look always.....Good luck! Vader