Thiel 3.7 with tube amps and room size

I currently have carver black beauty 305 mono amps with an ear 885 line amp driving Thiels 3.6 in a 12x25' room that is open to a kitchen and dining room. I am considering the thiel 3.7 speakers for an upgrade. Anyone having experience or opinions driving the 3.7 with the 305w carver tubbed amps? Any opinions on the room size for the 3.7s? The 3.6 speakers are currently about 2' out from back wall and 2' from left side wall and 10' for thrift speaker side wall. Not optimum but adequate.
Your room is fairly large but not HUGE. Are you concerned about the Carvers' ability to adequately drive the Thiels? I use the the Carver BB 305's in my 17.5x26x9 room to drive Magnepan 20.7's and the amps do not break a sweat no matter how loudly I play music... Exceptional tube amps that I think can drive most any load.

Before getting the 305's I was using big 500 watt Cary SS amps and they could not touch the Carvers in overall power, dynamics, and just plain musicality. The 500 watt SS amps strained, the 305's just cruise along...

the Carver amps is plenty to drive those 3.7 loudspeakers.
If my room was large enough, I would not hesitate buying the model 3.7 - since my room is smaller I will opt for the 2.4 or 2.7 model.

For a reference, the 3.7 is designed for room(s) that are large, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30...etc.
Keep us posted and Happy Listening!