Thiel 3.7 no sooner then next year?

I have been told by a dealer not to expect 3.7 before the end of the year. Thiel web still says available summer 2006 but correct me if I am wrong - summer ends 23rd of September i.e. pretty soon.
The other news is CS6 will be discontinued.

So I guess we have a price point for the 3.7.
Interesting news concerning the 6.0 being discontinued. That means I should be able to pick up a pair cheap to replace my 3.6's.

Thiel had trouble getting their subwoofers out on schedule too. I hope this doesn't become a pattern with them. On the other hand, it's nice of them to keep their customers updated, and it sure is better to confidently put out a product that is finalized rather than putting one out prematurely.
My guess is they wait untill all CS6 are gone and then introduce 3.7 with CS6 price tag. Therefore it has nothing to do with delivering finalized product. Come on how long can they finalize it?
I believe that at least one part, and maybe more, may need to be outsourced, which might complicate matters.
I will stick with my guess. When all 6ers will be factory- off, they start taking orders