Thiel 3.6s with MacIntosh Amplifier?

Would like to know if anyone has had some past experience
using one of the later model MacIntosh Amps with Thiel 3.6
I am looking to upgrade my current Thiel 3.5s to Thiel
3.6s and know that my current amp - an Adcom - will
probably not match well with the larger Thiels. I already
have a Mac Preamp - a C-15 which I love - and am considering
moving up to a Mac MC 300 Amp.
Any feedback would be most appreciated.
Avideo, I acquired an MC 352 a couple of months ago to try with my B&W 802Ns and I find it an exceptional amplifier and a good match for the speakers. I don't know how it would match the Thiels but I highly recommend you try it if possible.
thiel 3.6's present a difficult load to an amp - yer amp better output lotsa current! that said, i don't think 3.6's wood be any *more* difficult a load than the 3.5. the 3.5, w/its active equalizer, has a rise of some 20db at 20hz - a *wery* difficult challange for an amp.

while an adcom amp may not be the best match for the 3.6, it's prolly not the best match for the 3.5 either. so, if yure satisfied w/it driving yer 3.5's, i'd at least try it w/the 3.6's prior to getting a gnu amp. ewe may be pleasantly surprised, and the upgrade disease that aflicts us all, may be successfully held at bay - at least for a few days! :>)

i used to drive a pair of 3.5's w/an adcom gfa555, w/satisfactory results. changing over to an electrocompaniet amp, even tho about half the wattage rating, drove the thiels even *better*, prolly cuz the current output is about 4 times that of the adcom. also, imho, electro amps are as good as it gets in solid-state. ok, shameles plug time! ;~) i presently have an electrocompaniet aw100 adwertised f/s here on a-gon for a measley $800 - w/100wpc/190 into 4 ohms, >80 amps current output, i *know* this will work well w/thiels! :>) i *upgraded* to a matched pair of electro amps, so i could wertically bi-amp my present speakers...

doug s.

I'm have been driving my Thiels 3.6's with a McIntosh MC300 for the past four yrs and have no complaints. The Mc doesn't have the bottom end that some of the other amps do but I love the sweet top that the Mc gives. I have recently started to consider changing amps and suditioned some Aragon Paladiums. These really had a punch and I they gave more detail to the midrange but after hooking my Mc back in i was still happy with what I had. Classe is also a good amp to consider. I have heard the CA300 hooked up to a pr of Thiels 2.2 and it rocks. I hope to spend some time with it hooked to my 3.6's. Just dont overlook interconnects. I have Cardas Golden Cross running thru mine and it mad a difference. My overall sound is a little laid back but it works for my room. You got a great set of speakers, enjoy and experiment with some different amp. No matter what you choose there willbe a little give and take. HAVE FUN!!
I recently upgraded from 3.5's to 3.6's and ended up upgrading my Aragon 4004 MkII to Bryston 7BST. What a difference. It is current not power they crave. Classe 201 is a good match, 301 even better. You can usually get the Bryston 7B for $3000 on Audiogon. You might also want to try the 4BST. The 3.5's were great. The 3.6's have the majic!
Thank you to everyone who responded to my posting.
I was especially pleased to hear from Mitch, who has the
exact amp/speaker combination I am considering. I will also
consider the Mac MC352 - as suggested by Allie - though I
must admit it will stretch the budget quite a bit.
By the way, I am currently using Transparent Musicwave
speaker cables (10 ft. with spades) and interconnects, and
they are a quite decent match so far with my Thiel 3.5s.