Thiel 3.6 owners - what components are you using?

Thiel 3.6 owners - what compenents are you using with your amp?

I use a Krell amp and Levinson pre-amp but always wonder what it would be like with other gear. I think the Krell's fast and forward sound works well with the Thiels. Gets them rockin'!

Wish my soundstage had a touch more cohesion and height, but then, trade-offs always exist and one must pick and choose the strengths in one's stereo. ... Or is this an issue of speaker positioning? I've worked hard to move my speakers around until they "disappeared".

What have your experiences have been with other amps and pre-amps for these speakers? Tube pre-amps?

Here are some threads covering similar ground:
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Hi Turnaround, I have the Thiel 3.6's and I'm driving them with a Jeff Rowland's model 10.They alway sounded pretty good. I added the Tach RCS 2.0 which does room correction and is also a digital pre amp and DAC 24/96. Now the sound great!More air,the sound stage opened up, a vail has been lifted.Tach is coming out with a new RCS 2.2 in Fer. or March which also does 24/192. List price is about $4800 for correction and pre amp and $6000 for the full model which includes 24/192 ADC and DAC.
I'm happy with the sound driving my 3.6s with a Magnum Dynalab MD 208 receiver. It took a while for the receiver to get broken in, but now it's fine. The dynamics are excellent and the amp section puts out the bass with the 3.6s.
Hi turnaround - I'm using CJ PV10, Classe ca200, with kcag and kctg ic's and kimber 8tc speaker cables, very satisfied.
I'm using a Denon DCD-1650AR CD player, a Bryston BP-20 preamp, an Aragon 8008BB power amp, an ExactPower 2000 AC correction unit, Harmonic Technology ProSilway II interconnects, and Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables. The system sounds very transparent.
Hi. I'm using a Bryston BP-20 with an old Bryston 4B amp that the factory did a nice number on for the previous owner. The 4B may be an older model, but it has plenty of punch. Source is a Cal Icon MKII that I scored on Audiogon for very little. It's a great setup. Mind boggling. I can't imagine that I could make a major improvement in the sound without spending a ton of money.
A little embarrassed by my components so don't laugh...I'm using a Carver TFM35 Amp, Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080R Pre/Pro (analog bypass/tone direct), a Pioneer Elite PD-54 CD Player, Monster M550i interconnects, and Monster M1.2S. Obviously room for improvement (I've heard the 3.6s sound somewhat better in other systems) however, amazingly they sound quite good with this carefully selected budget gear.
Turnaround, I've changed a few things since my Feb post (hope the wife doesn't read this) I now use CJ premier 14, MIT 350 ref and 350 shotgun EVO and currently goertz MI 2 speaker cables with greater satisfaction than before...
Opera Consanance M800 Tube Monoblocks, Staight Wire Maestro speaker cables. Opera Consanance Reference 1.1 preamp. Siltec 4-56 interconnects. Had a AR Classic 60 and Audible Illusions M3a preamp. The Consanance equipment brought my system to another level. Much more detailed.
Why at all the shows do they use Classe?
Tbird, with all due respect, they don't use Classe at all the shows.
Unsound is correct they don't always use Classe - although if I was buying a new amp to replace my Carver, Classe would be at the top of my audition list. Some of the best sound that's ever graced my ears have been the 3.6s teamed up with a Classe amp.

Can't believe I didn't get "ridiculed" for using budget gear with my Thiels, either everyone hear is just being polite or snickering quietly (or both)! Look forward to hearing what everyone else is using with thier 3.6s...
Here is what my system will be when the dealer delivers it:

Magnepan 3.6's, MGCC1 andMG12's
Meridian 568.2
Meridian 598
Meridian 558

Any response's?
I'm using a Hafler 9505 Dialblo mosfets driven by a ARC LS-7 triode . I like the combo because it delivers the best of both worlds , speed damping and contol on the bottom end without any brightness and glare, while achieving holographic imaging and smoothness on top. Sort of a You are there quality , provided upstream source material is well recorded. Thiels are unforgiving but reward when properly setup .
Since my post a year ago, I've inserted a Harmonic Tech Magic Digital One cable and a Dodson DA-217MkIID DAC between the Denon DCD-1650AR CD player and the Bryston BP-20 preamp, replaced the Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway II interconnects with Harmonic Tech Magic Link One interconnects, and upgraded the ExactPower EP-2000 to the current ExactPower EP-15A. With all these changes, the sound is much smoother and more detailed, and the soundstage is both larger and more precise.

I also have the ExactPower SP-15A balanced power transformer on order, and I expect this to make another incremental improvement to the sound of the system.

The 3.6's are so transparent that any changes made "upstream" are readily audible.
I'm using Musical Fidelity A300 bought after rave review in Stereophile (150W) and yes sound is transparent quite detailed but lacks dynamics and bass (there is no bass). My previous speakers ProAc Studio100 had much more bass, it is amp to blame, I like this thread, I'm thinking of changing amp on some more capable SS/tube amp.
Are somebody driving Thiels 3.6 with tube amp?
(Do you have bass, dynamics?)
I'm using a pair of bridged Sony TA-N80ES power amps with a matching TA-E80ES pre-amp. Sources include the matching Sony ST-S730ES tuner, Sony ST-5000f tuner, and Sony PS-X700 table, Sony DVP-S9000ES CD/SACD player, and a variety of other tuners. Still looking for a remote control for the pre-amp/tuner.

The power amps, the matching pre-amp, and the matching tuner were all found on Craigslist at $100 a piece or $400 total.

My speaker cables are home-made from 12 gauge, silver-plated copper in teflon insulation, twisted pair with shrink-wrap at the terminations and a split plastic protector on the run. These cost about $50 for the materials with the Monster terminations being the priciest parts.

BTW, I've Sound Anchor stands under the speakers on spikes on my garage concrete floor.

I'm very pleased with the system's performance and delighted at the price/performance ratio. I suspect that some pricey monster monoblocs would improve things but I'm happy as-is.