Thiel 3.6 or KEF 105/3

All -
It's been an entertaining time the last couple of years, but life has started to settle down somewhat, hence returning.
I live in a townhouse with a finished basement and two stories.  I currently have an Exposure stack - 3010S2 CD and preamp; 28 power amp.  Speakers are currently Linn Helix 2s, which I have had for a LONG time (mainly because I like how they play music).  However, they don't load the space as well as I'd like, and as well as they did in other spaces.  The room is (somewhat surprisingly, given that the long wall is mostly glass  - sliding glass doors and a large double window) dead; hence considering a slightly more forward speaker like the 3.6.

So I've considered a speaker swap to a Thiel 3.6 or KEF 105/3; both being considerably larger they should be able to load the space more effectively.  And the 28 should drive them reasonably well. 

Thoughts appreciated on the differences!
You don't mention the size of the room?  It was a friend's pair of 105.4's that started me on the serious audio road in my early 20's. My speakers since the mid 90's have been Thiel 2.2's. Personally, I don't even see it as a contest. The technology of the 3.6 is light years beyond those KEFs. My Thiels have been so good I've spent all my money on everything else 2-3 times over, as well as a dedicated listening room.

The soundstage the Thiels can throw is astounding. I wouldn't call them forward as much as I'd call the KEF a little dark. With the right front end, they're scary good. I think my concern would be the Thiel can present a difficult load. They don't need power per se, but current on reserve. With my 2.2's, I tried a few combinations before I figured that out.

I'm guessing the Exposures are similar in this regard, and might make a great match with the Thiels. My 2.2's were in a 12' x 19' room and could get louder than anything I'd want to be near for very long. No doubt with the right front end, the 3.6 will load the room to your satisfaction. But, you might also find out the room is far more lively than you anticipated!

I'm moving (again) and was about to downsize to stand mounts in my townhouse. I'm still considering something like the KEF R7's for my new larger space just because the Thiels are so big! Good luck!
Kef R105/3 isn't your typical brit speaker. 93.5 eff, Loud and dynamic. flat to 50 hz with no distortion. The problem I had with mine was sibilance with average components and they don't have the bump at 100 hz most speakers do so in comparison they sound bass light. I had mine 25 years before selling. awesome rock speakers!