thiel 3.5 or von schweikert 4 gen 2

what is the opinion between these two speakers?
I own both. the VR when set up properly will throw a huge soundstage and sounds good off axis and whether you sit down or stand up. The Thiel sounds more musical to me, is harder to drive, prefers solid state and the sound changes when you stand up. Both are good speakers and great value at the current used prices. The 3.5's wound up in my home theatre because I couldn't bear to sell them. Another good choice IMO would be Vandersteen 2ce signature. Good luck
thanks you used to own the gen two's anna logs to be exact. the thiel are real convenient.what do you drive the thiels with? amp and pre? thanks kenton.
I am driving the thiels with a harman Kardon avr630. I think its 60wpc. Very happy with this setup in my home theatre.
I can't offer much on the Von Schweikert's, but as for the Thiel 3.5's, you won't get the best out of them with out appropriate amplification.