Thiel 2.4 vs 3.6 vs cs6 - Opinions?

I have not heard the Thiel CS6 and was wondering how it compares to these other two(2.4 3.6) Also what were your thoughts on the 3.6 and the much newer 2.4? Ive had both but I do not remember if one was significantly better than the other!! Thx!
There's supposedly a 3.7 coming out this spring, and I bet it'll be favorably compared to the CS6.
The 6 is much closer to the 3.6 than the 2.4 in terms of extension and ability to fill a larger room given sufficient amplification. Also, the dynamics will be greater due to larger drivers at the low end. I have the 6s and have listened to the 2.4s. They are very nice in that they convey the same accuracy but are better suited to smaller rooms or for envrionments where high sound pressure levels are not as critical. The 6s continue to be a statement product; Thiel has yet to replace this highly successful design, whereas the 2 series has undergone several changes over the years.
Buy a used pair of 7.2's, the CS6 is the most underwhelming of the Thiel models as Stevecham mentioned the CS6 is the newest version of the 3.6 as its driver complement is essentially identical to the 3.6 just the price tag isn't. Fact is it had always been my opinion the CS3.6 was better than the 6.

It is likely the CS3.7 will cost nearly what the CS6 does as the price of the 2 series in the form of the diminutive 2.4 has now matched the recent pricing of the 3.6.

I disagree with Stevecham the CS2.4 with a <$1500 subwoofer
would embarrass the CS6 with its coherency and considerably improved mid driver. The real value though is a CS7.2 which can be had for $4K used and in good condition. In particular get an upgraded 7.0...7.2 with the casted baffle. As long as its not cracked it makes for a better and much much heavier speaker :). My $.02 on the matter
Thanks for the responses - Sounds like the 3.6 will compare closely to the cs6...
Went back to the 3.6 - Sorry I ever sold them originally -They are a steal at current used prices- They have dynamics that that my previous 2.4 couldn't provide -The 2.4 are good, however I prefer the deeper bass and extension of the 3.6 - It truly delivers, it just needs good solid power.
I have my pair of CS3.6 for over 9 years. Prior to that I had a pair of CS2.2 for 5 years. I've been contemplating about upgrading to a pair of CS6 for the past 3 years. But every upgrade I had in the past 18 months brought the performance of the CS3.6 to another level with noticeable improvements! First I replaced the preamp from an ARC LS-2B Mk II to an ARC LS-25 Mk I with GNSC reference level mod. Then I replaced the Siemens 6922 tubes with a quad of white label Amperex 7308s. Recently I replaced the Mark Levinson #333 with a Pass X350.5. I've been just amazed how much improvement I got with each "upgrade".

One of the must haves tweaks for the CS3.6 is the Sound Anchor bases for these speakers. I've had them since day 1 because the dealer recommended them. But recently I took them off for a friend to try them. He was so amazed of the improvement he heard, he immediately ordered a pair. (these are the older model, not the ones currently offered on their website, but you can special order them.) My friend had been trying out some expensive interconnects, speaker cables, and powercords over $2k. But he said that these bases turned out to yield the biggest improvement. I think they run for under $300 a pair. They tightened up the bass, give more "weight" to the sound, and have a more three dimensional soundstage.

I'm still searching for a new pair of speakers. But all the candidates on my short list all cost over $12k a pair. And I'm afraid that I might regret selling them after the fact.