Thiel 2.4 and Pass Labs Amps

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Hi all, I'd like some input. I have a pair if Thiel 2.4s that I'd like to pair with a Pass amp. After lots of reading, I'm feeling like a 250.5 is the best match for the speakers (the used price of ~4000 is also at the top of my budget). I see some older Alephs pop up though and am intrigued by the idea of doing full class A using an Aleph 2. I tried out the XA-30.5, which I love with the speakers, but it just doesn't cut it on complex or bassy music (but is exquisite on material like Nick Drake). Anyway, with the older Alephs being cheaper, I thought this might be a nice way to get more of the XA sound for less money (unfortunately everything in that line except for the 30.5 is out of my budget)... unless the 250.5 will simply outperform these amps in all areas. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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I have a sense that this model of Pass amp will be ideal for your Thiels. I have the 2.4s and use a CJ CAV50 to power them and I love the quality of the sonic stage and envelope I get with this combination. That set up should sound amazing, provided you also have a quality preamp and source.
I ended up asking this same basic question at the tail end of an old thread of mine, and at least a couple people there also seconded Pass' recommendation away from the Alephs for this load/speaker... so I guess the 250.5 is seeming more like the answer.

I was following your threads on thiel and the Pass Lab xa-30 amps
I hope you are still following the threads.

I am wondering if the xa-30 has enough power for thiel and was wondering how,it all turned.


any updates?
These new notifications are useful... just to finish things out, I ended up with the XA-30.5 (actually the integrated amp version) for my Thiel 2.4s.  Also purchased and auditioned in the same room an X250.5 and a McIntosh MC402.  The McIntosh fell far behind (despite being loved by a previous 2.4 owner).  The 250.5 had a bit of upper range brightness.  Its bass was very slightly better than the XA30.5, but the XA just sounded way more natural and was fine bass wise as well (and I listen to quite a bit of electronic & rap/R&B).  Suppose if I were a basshead I wouldn't have ended up with the XA though, or the 2.4s for that matter.
Ha!  Read my original question.  Funny how impressions change over time.  I had the INT30A for around 4 years, until I sold the Thiels and moved to a high efficiency design.