Thiel 2.3 vs Jm Lab 926

Hello everyone,

I have a tough decision to make. Interested in the Thiel 2.3 and Jm Lab 926, but don't know which one is better(true hi-end sound). I listen to classical musical mostly. Anyone have some advice please don't hesitate to post. Thank you very much.
I have not heard the 926s but own the Thiels. Best I have ever heard. Just last week I listened to the new CS 2.4s and compared them to the Quad 988s in the same room. The new Thiels sounded just about the same as my 2.3s and both were better than the Quads. I was shocked. This is the 2nd time hearing the Quads and both times I had the same reaction. We tweeked the Quad setup a bit and the sound improved, but the Thiels still sounded more detailed and realistic. Many will think I am crazy, but, there it is. Thiels are VERY accurate and show the bad as well as the good in recordings and gear.

Tim McTeague