Thiel 2.3 versus 2.4

hi all,

first of all, thanks to everyone for all your great advice. this forum has been very helpful. i have a chance to buy a pair of used Thiel 2.3's for an Ok price, but have recently listened to the Thiel 2.4's and loved them. can anyone share there experiences comparing those two models. if the difference is minimal, then the 2.3 might be the better value. i am using a ML 27.5, ML 38S. thanks.
i heard a brand new pair of 2.4s recently. its hard to say how they compare to the 2.3s but they sounded relatively similar. my advice would be to buy used 2.3s for about half the retail price and then decide if you want to live with the Thiel sound. if not, you can get all or most of your money back and then move on to another speaker. even though Thiel sounds great, they may not be the very last speaker you want to be stuck with. they can tend to be a little bright. if you can find a trustworthy seller and used pair of 2.3s for about $1800, go for it.
Search the archives, there are a couple of fairly recent threads addressing this comparision.