Thiel 2.3 Proceed gear speaker and interconnects

I cuurently have a setup including Thiel 2.3's and MCS1 with a Proceed HPA2 and 3 and AVP. I demoed some cables a while ago which included Cardas and Nordost. At the time I felt that the Nordost Blue Heaven and Red Dawn produced a much less colored sound than the Cardas cables. I then went to install Blue Heaven speaker cables and Red Dawn interconnects. For a long time I have had this setup and more and more the lstening fatigue is growing because everything is quite edgy and to many they would assume this.

I want to try some new cables, bt would like some direction to recommended pairings from Audioquest and Cardas as well as others that will warm things up and bring back listening enjoyment.
SR Tesla cables work very well with Thiels, in fact the first time I heard the combo was a couple years ago at RMAF. Lots of detail with warmth and a huge soundstage. I did a Google (Synergistic Research Tesla Theil) and found this link among others

it's always a good idea to audition any cable before you buy.

Good luck
Tara Labs Air series is very forgiving and yet precise. Hard to beat. Good luck
I agree with Sm2727 - Tara Labs Air series. Very transparent, too.
I have made the compairson but with different speakers and electronics. Perhaps Hoehne can listen to both as Tara and SR. Both are similar in some respects (detail, air) and very different in other areas. Audience would make a good third as it's flavor is completely different (and just might work).
Kimber Select is my current IC flavor, 1021 from source and 1016 between preamp and amps. 8TC works well as speaker cable because it is one of the most tone nuetral wires I have tried and Thiels really benefit from that. I've used Straight wire Maestro II, Audience AU24, and Goertz MI2 and 3 and have enjoyed all. Other cables I have used and not kept/liked in my rotation so much are Kimber Select 3035, MIT V3, MIT Magnum 2.

It is a personal choice - as you know - I am not a detail freak - I don't like anything that sticks out in the sound stage and Thiels can be notorius for that given the opportunity upstream. But fed properly they are special and that's why I've owned my 3.6's for 10 years.
my thoughts mirror Pops. I use Kimber Selects throughout my system and they work well with Thiels.
Stay clear of Cardas. Colored and dull. SR Tesla Precision Reference speaker cables were a huge improvement over the (excellent in its day) Straight Wire Crescendo and also the SR Tesla Accelerator on my Thiel CS5i's. But be prepared to REALLY hear what your electronics are doing upstream - good or bad. If you have no problems there, then your Thiels will love the Precision Reference speaker cables (and you will too).

Many SR dealers will let you audition their cables before buying. Email me if you need the name of an excellent SR dealer for an in-home audition.